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Alternative to kitchen spotlights

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Sunnyshores Fri 15-Apr-16 20:51:26

Long kitchen, pine units, grey/white granite and grey flagstones. Country style, but modern not fussy.

Currently have 2 sets of old fashioned fluroescent tubes ifkwim. I dont want recessed spots, or boring modern spotlights.

Also need a matching (?) central light at the end of the kitchen where there;s a table and another matching (?) central light in the family area - which forms an L with the kitchen.

Suggestions please (house renovation and lacking anymore inspiration)

OnePlanOnHouzz Fri 15-Apr-16 20:57:25

Try dual cable lighting -LED's maybe ?

lisbapalea Fri 15-Apr-16 21:03:22

Well, I was going to direct you to to where I saw some lovely lighting earlier.

But then I showed my dh my current favourite wall light option:

And he told me it looks like a fanny.

So maybe I am not the best arbiter of taste when it comes to kitchen lighting....

Sunnyshores Fri 15-Apr-16 21:16:54

Lisb - now your dh has pointed that out I could never buy that style!!

OnePlan - I like the actual lights, but I think the dual cable would be too wide as its a narrow kitchen.

wonkylegs Fri 15-Apr-16 21:35:48

I was going to say have a look at they are my go to place for good quality and good choice of lighting. They are also really helpful if you have any questions

wonkylegs Fri 15-Apr-16 21:46:26

What about
Or more decorative

most of these are long fittings but they often have complementary round or smaller fittings

RaisingSteam Fri 15-Apr-16 22:57:55

We have a long kitchen:
Two neat round ceiling lights, actually have a concealed circular tube in which is low energy but bright.

Three small LED wall spotlights on another circuit that supplement the main lights/add interest/ kill shadows in key areas, but can be used alone for low lighting or for a boost on dull days. This combo has worked out well.

If getting low energy make sure all the same colour temp- 3000k is warm white.

RaisingSteam Fri 15-Apr-16 23:05:09

How high is the ceiling?

RaisingSteam Fri 15-Apr-16 23:14:42

At one point I was looking at these kind of "smart tube" fittings for the kitchen - we have a low ceiling so nothing dangly
ended up with something like this

Also nothing to stop you using bathroom fittings if you like the style.

Sunnyshores Sat 16-Apr-16 11:47:54

Thanks All - will investigate links.

The ceiling is of a normal modern height (sorry not moved in yet, so not there to measure), wouldnt have to be flush, but likewise not very dangly.

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Sun 17-Apr-16 10:46:43

I found some brilliant lights for a kitchen and utility in an Edwardian property. Can never remember how to do links on iPad but they were from Wickes. One was a track with 4 X cream, retro style 'pointable' lights, the other, same style, was round cream with 3 ditto. They were extremely reasonably priced and looked perfect. I also didn't want recessed spots or anything too modernistic that wouldn't 'go'.

ulsusreta1982 Tue 10-May-16 08:20:18

Hi! I think it would be better to use LED lighting Sheffield instead for your spotlights. You could always choose from a number of options available should you want LED lights installed in your kitchen.

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