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Neighbours' Proposed Larger Home Extension application

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LIZS Fri 15-Apr-16 17:58:59

Neighbours have submitted one and we received notification. Having looked at the plans online the proposal is similar to one from a couple of years ago to form a square rear extension by filling in side return between their and attached neighbour on other side except the roof line differs to be flat rather than pitched, presumably to satisfy height limit. As I understand it unless there are objections it will be passed rather than have to go to the formal planning process.

Their house is eot , ours detached, and the only external rear access to either property is over our narrow side path between the two. Will any restrictions to working hours etc still apply, as presumably materials, debris, men and equipment will be moved via our land. There will also be internal changes affecting the side which adjoins our side access, although nothing is indicated externally on the plans. Is it worth us making any comment about the logistics? Should the Party Wall Act apply?

Imperialleather2 Sat 16-Apr-16 07:36:09

If they are excavating within 3 metres the party wall act will apply.

Thr logistics of the build are not a planning issue. What is relevant is how it impacts on your light etc.

I'm not sure what you mean by internal changes affecting your side. If they're just internal they don't need to show.

Moving15 Sat 16-Apr-16 07:44:04

They can't move anything via your land without your permission. If they dont ask and/ or you don't allow them to use your side access they will have to take everything through their house. I don't think that has anything to do with their planning permission. It is worthwhile thinking through what you would agree to and what you wouldn't agree to so you are not caught off guard with a request over the front garden fence one morning, but I personally would not start the conversation through a comment on the planning app.

LIZS Sat 16-Apr-16 07:47:13

The main build is on the side away from our boundary so probably just more than 3m (although plot is narrow) to meet the line of existing extension on our side. It will form a new party wall on the other side but those neighbours have apparently previously indicated that they too would extend to incorporate it at some point in future even though it loses light in the interim, so not expecting them to object.

They are adding a cloakroom so presumably plumbing and drainage need adjusting but no indication of a window or vent. Can they submit amendments after it has the go ahead, to add windows/roof lights without it going through a formal process.

LIZS Sat 16-Apr-16 07:50:59

Thanks Moving. They have an established right of way over our side access , documented in our deeds, but have form for leaving tools and debris on it and when they had their patio extended last year (while away on holiday, which I suspect would be the case with this extension) didn't mention it in advance.

wonkylegs Sat 16-Apr-16 07:54:51

It's not just 3m - it can be deeper depending on the foundations, party wall act explained simply here
The party wall act is a civil piece of legislation to protect your property from harm through the building process. It differs from the planning process which is a statutory process which protects the quality of our environment (not just yours, the wider environment - social, aesthetic, conservation, etc), which again differs from the building regulations which are again statutory and control the safety and quality of the building works. Most building works for extensions involve a bit of all three.
As a neighbour your first step is to consent or not consent through the planning process.

wonkylegs Sat 16-Apr-16 07:56:46

Sorry I've just read that back and it sounds a bit patronising, I'm just aware that many people don't understand what covers what and where you need to look first. Ignore if you already know all this.

united4ever Sat 16-Apr-16 12:58:00

Out of interest do people tell their neighbours usually before submitting a planning application or is the first you hear of it a letter from the council? Guess it depends on how well you know your neighbours.

wonkylegs Sat 16-Apr-16 14:33:06

We told our neighbours as a courtesy. Only polite to talk to them about things, even though actually you can't see our building work from their house due to the plot size and tree lines.
I encourage clients to talk to neighbours in advance as I think it helps but some don't either way you can't guarentee how they will react and neighbours who might be nice as pie to your face may then go on to write awful objections about things they have never ever mentioned before.

LIZS Sat 16-Apr-16 14:39:58

We knew about the original proposal only when they had already submitted it and had a conversation about timing etc then as Ds was about to sit Gcses. However that subsequently went quiet and first we knew of this one was when we picked up the letter on return from recent holiday. Ds now doing A levels and dd has one Gcse this year so hope it will wait until Summer. Neighbours usually take a longish summer holiday so could well be away while the heavy work takes place leaving everyone else to put up with noise and mess.

didireallysaythat Sat 16-Apr-16 15:01:24

Our neighbours didn't tell us. And we didn't get the letter either. Only found out when the guy opposite told us - checked on line and it's been granted. It's not a great system, is it ?

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