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I want this house for this fireplace in the bedroom alone...

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MothershipG Fri 15-Apr-16 16:51:29,tw7-ref-3872693/

Picture 16

It is actually a very good price for all that house and land which I think may be something to do with it being under the Heathrow flightpath but I would put up with the planes for that fireplace alone!

Cross your fingers for my lottery ticket! grin

MothershipG Fri 15-Apr-16 16:57:37

Better link that actually works

SquidgeyMidgey Fri 15-Apr-16 17:44:52

Imagine seeing that in the morning half light though. It would be like something out of Dr Who coming to collect you...

readingrainbow Fri 15-Apr-16 17:44:53

Beautiful, though I'd prefer a much larger kitchen for the price. Picky, moi?

NetballHoop Fri 15-Apr-16 17:44:54

I was with you until I saw the carpet in the bathroom.

MothershipG Fri 15-Apr-16 18:48:24

Oh yes the bathroom carpet would have to go! And I honestly think that much toile de jouy would give me migraines - but I still love the fireplace! grin

Ragusa Fri 15-Apr-16 20:06:12

Whoa, the fireplace is lovely but a total money pit.

Ragusa Fri 15-Apr-16 20:07:12

House- house is a moneypit. Not the fireplace unless you're using notes for fuel

magimedi Fri 15-Apr-16 20:07:16

No way - what they are trying to pull off in the garden as yew are actually boring old Leylandii.


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