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Difficult to watch TV with children?

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libbylit Fri 15-Apr-16 15:24:34

Is it just me or does everything on TV nowadays seem really in appropriate for children - especially children under 16.
Most clothing ads really promote a 'sexual world' & it's so frustrating that nearly every tv ad uses barely clothed women to sell their products!
My daughter spends all day sending pictures to boys in her school & her attitude is getting worse by the day. She is easily influenced by celebs & popstars & she copies the way they dress & act. She wears so much makeup that she looks completely different. She's 15 but she acts & looks like she's 18.

Am i being paranoid or does what I am saying make sense...???

ApocalypseSlough Fri 15-Apr-16 15:27:50

It's not making sense, no. You're the parent. Where does your daughter get access to money for makeup and a phone to send those pictures?
Stop looking to blame society and take responsibility.

Footle Fri 15-Apr-16 15:31:31

You've posted this in Property/diy, oddly.

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