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Kitchen confusion - all kitchens all the same

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twinklestar01 Thu 14-Apr-16 22:18:13

Hi All, So we have been looking at kitchens for the last few months. Want to get the house in some sort of decent shape before new born arrives in 5 months., think it will be easier getting bigish jobs out the ways before the little arrives, opinion anyone on this.

Also more the questions of confusion, if anyone can help please, as im a slighyly confused. We have a medium size kitchen 16 units larders, pull outs, magic corner, pan draws etc

Price below from the sheds

Howdens £5300
Benchamarx £4500
Independent kitchen with doors from TKC components £4200
Wren £4900
DIY ktichen £4500

We are going for a handless kitchen all the kitchens seems decent, but the colour kitchen I like are from Wren the independent kitchen supplier. The family across the road from myself (3 kids 3-12) have a howdens handless 22mm range and they advise the kitchen looks brand new.

Just wondering what people though about painted lacquered doors and will they chip as the howdens range is foil wrapped. Should I go for a independent kitchen supplier? I have great fitter who has been recommended before. The kitchen from benchmarx the doors are lacquered but the all the panels are PVC.

Just want a decent kitchen that will last at least 10 years and wont have any issues.

Thanks for you help...

justdontevenfuckingstart Thu 14-Apr-16 23:46:02

Don't touch Wren, have you looked at Symphony?

housemoverihope Thu 14-Apr-16 23:51:19

I've got a handleless kitchen from TKC (matt light grey) and it is fantastic quality. It was fitted by a local kitchen fitter who we had used before.

snowgirl1 Thu 14-Apr-16 23:52:11

We've got the painted handleless kitchen from DIY Kitchens. It's almost been in a year - no chips so far.

When we moved in there was a foil wrapped kitchen - the wraps were no longer adhered to the doors and were just in place because of the shape of the wrap - I think the adhesive had dried out.

Chippednailvarnish Thu 14-Apr-16 23:54:19

Please don't touch wren, there's been threads on here about how awful they are.

justdontevenfuckingstart Fri 15-Apr-16 00:01:15

chipped it's a bit in my line of work. Bargepole.

BoyMeetsWorld Fri 15-Apr-16 09:58:09

This makes me more optimistic. We're thinking about kitchens too and had been told about 10k for similar size. Does that price include plumbing in dishwasher etc?

Our current kitchen is Howdens and excellent quality. Best bit of our house.

RaisingSteam Fri 15-Apr-16 10:31:46

The painted/lacquered doors are more durable. The "wrap" is a plastic vinyl "foil" layer that can bubble off where it gets wet or damaged unless it is a good quality one. All the details here

Also be aware that with Howdens you have to upgrade to get the full extension drawers and soft close hinges that are standard on other ranges.

I think I'd check again with the independent/TKC supplier or DIY kitchens (depending on how much help you want) - there are a lot of custom colours available, are you sure they can't match the colour you like? They should also have a much wider portfolio of sizes and components in their range so you really make the most of your room and get a great design.

namechangedtoday15 Fri 15-Apr-16 10:55:42

Had a painted handleless kitchen from DIY Kitchens 18 months ago. Still looks brand new.

twinklestar01 Fri 15-Apr-16 11:13:44

Hi boy meets world, this is just for unit with wirework installed. No worktop or appliances.

Seems howdens are from the reviews, will give diy a ring also. This is all confusing .

twinklestar01 Fri 15-Apr-16 12:28:13

Hi namechangetoday15, is the painted door quite Matt or gloss? Can I get a sample of the specific colour that I require also? What colour did you go for. Thanks

namechangedtoday15 Fri 15-Apr-16 16:02:40

Its matt white, the Luca Matt White range but the range comes in a number of colours. Yes, as far as I know, you can order a sample door and then if you buy from them, they credit the cost against the kitchen. Its a true white, not an off white if that helps.

ExtraHotLatteToGo Sat 16-Apr-16 12:42:49


Not place marking at all.


PigletJohn Sat 16-Apr-16 22:20:31

The quality of the fitting makes the biggest difference. Who will fit it?

My recommendation is to get the electrics done by an electrician, the plumbing done by a plumber, the plastering done by a plasterer, and the fitting done by a joiner. If you can actually find good ones.

twinklestar01 Mon 18-Apr-16 14:15:29

Hello Pigletjohn, I have a good joiner who will do the electrics and fitting plus removing of the kitchen. He will project manage and get other tradesman to do the building work, tiling, Flooring,gas etc. Basically I would want someone to project manage this. Ive had a quote just for fitting from somebody else, however he they advised he just fits nothing else. Offourse it's better to find individual tradesman and I'm sure will get a better finish.

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