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Does this sound a reasonable price for a new bathroom? Soil/waste pipe can't be found

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thinkingmakesitso Thu 14-Apr-16 11:45:46

Have been quoted £4.5K for design and installation of quite a small bathroom. New fittings and thermostatic shower over l-shaped bath, tiling (half-tiled most of room), flooring, think it included a light.

I am thinking of going with it, but feel silly getting just one quote. 3 others have been out but not provided a quote. Why do they do that? All of them have looked for the waste/soil pipe (if that's what it's called) and none have found it. Could that be what's putting them off and is it likely to be a big problem that causes the cost to escalate?

The man who quoted seemed very professional and, though I don't know anyone who's used him (don't know anyone here who's had a bathroom done at all) it is a well-established family business with good reviews online.

Should I just go with it, or try the bigger companies like B & Q? Just phoned one firm and they only come out and quote during business hours, which is ridiculous. Any advice or recommendations would be great.

origamiwarrior Thu 14-Apr-16 13:15:35

Just to confirm, you say design and installation, but do you also mean the quote includes the fittings (bath, shower etc as you've listed) or are you buying those yourself? If it includes everything, I think that sounds about right going on the quotes we got for similar.

thinkingmakesitso Thu 14-Apr-16 14:27:29

Yes, it includes all the fittings and materials. I couldn't imagine it would be much cheaper (and don't necessarily want the cheapest anyway).

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