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Does anyone know anything about thermostatic bath fillers or electric digital showers please?

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NotPennysBoat Wed 13-Apr-16 20:43:43

Currently planning new family bathroom. We have a combi boiler with pretty low hot water pressure upstairs.
At the moment we have an electric shower which we want to upgrade. I've been looking at electric digital thermostatic showers but it's a minefield! Can anyone recommend a specific model? I like the idea of thermostatic so my DDs can't scald themselves, but does it actually work? And as a gadget freak, the digital ones with a separate control panel are really appealing (but are they just a gimmick?). Also want something that will give a reasonable pressure but don't know what spec I should be looking for.

Also been looking at thermostatic bath fillers (wall mounted, must be for bath only, not bath/shower). Same desires and questions as above, can anyone recommend something?


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