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Boring Q re kitchen wall cabinets

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ilovetosleep Wed 13-Apr-16 20:16:57

I hate kitchen planning.

Should the wall units match up with the floor units?
We are having a modern matt handleless kitchen - L shaped with island. Dark grey base and light grey cashmere wall units.

the wall units are slightly lower than regular full height cabinets - i think they're around 55 cm high. open upwards. The thing is, on our longest run, the base units have to be different sizes. We have, next to our full height fridge and oven unit, a 600 base door (integrated second fridge) then a 1000 set of drawers, then a 600 door front (corner cupboard). The kitchen designer has put above this 3 wall units of 900, 1000, 900. I think it looks weird as the edges don't line up with the ones below. I could do 600, 1000, 600, 600 couldn't I? would it look weird? I thought to break it up a bit the 1000 cabinet could be open shelves and the others flat door fronts?

What do you reckon, sorry for utterly mundane question.

thanks in advance.

OnePlanOnHouzz Wed 13-Apr-16 20:49:19

Yes you could do it your way too - the
Designer had probably done this to save you money as less cabinets = less cost ... But also the lift up cabinets tend to look good as longer cabinets rather than shorter ones .
Maybe ask them for a visual picture of the second option and what difference it makes to the price too before you make your mind up. smile

TooMinty Wed 13-Apr-16 20:52:01

Where are you getting your kitchen from? Sounds just like what I am looking for! Sorry I'm not giving any helpful input to your thread...

ilovetosleep Wed 13-Apr-16 21:40:10

Ah yes oneplan hadn't though it would obv bump the price up. Am I overthinking it - would it look weird her way or not?

Our kitchen is from local kitchen shop, the make is Daval furniture (not Devol!) although we have also looked at a similar kitchen from Symphony which is from another local place. Neither very high end but they have what we wanted!

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 14-Apr-16 08:19:23

Ask if they come in a bigger size - so you can have 600 1000 1200 - as that's still three cabinets but the side lines will match up better !
But also ask for both options to be shown in a head on perspective view on CAD so you can check - pm me if they don't have cad and I'll quickly mock it up for you ! smile

ilovetosleep Thu 14-Apr-16 14:41:17

Oh that's such a generous offer! They do have cad so will ask them. But I think that might look odd with the three going along in increasing size!?

I now have another dilemma - we are supposed to be having a 50/50 integrated fridge freezer, then a full height unit housing oven and combi, then the start of the work top with the first base unit being an under counter fridge. I'm now leaning towards wanting an American fridge freezer and scrapping the undercounted fridge - we'd lose a small amount of worktop but that's doable - but would it look rubbish having a freestanding fridge freezer right next to an oven unit?

TooMinty Thu 14-Apr-16 14:42:53

Will google and see if there's a stockist near me - thanks!

pileoflaundry Thu 14-Apr-16 15:02:17

We have different width floor units and wall units. I was worried that this would look odd but they look completely fine. The island blocks a lot of the view though.

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 14-Apr-16 15:23:55

Yes - USA style FF don't look good next to ovens and the door swung can clip the oven - so I wouldn't suggest that ..,, if you want more fridge space have a tall integrated fridge and a tall integrated freezer, or a tall integrated fridge and a 50/50 FF as a separate addition instead

MiaowTheCat Fri 15-Apr-16 12:28:38

While I love love love my american fridge freezer - it's caused a number of pains with our kitchen layout. It butts out in front of the units blocking the door fully opening on one, and we lost a heck of a lot of unit space going for it, plus the freezer in ours is actually really really small (but we do have the whole ice and water dispenser bit going on) - I struggle to cope with family cooking with just that freezer space available.

Long term we're getting our old chest freezer put into an outbuilding so it's only an interim irritation in here thankfully.

Takes me twice as long to move all the fridge magnets the kids have all over that lovely magnetic space to clean as it does to clean the thing though!

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