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Do you have the same colour/tone through all your rooms ?

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SwimInTea Wed 13-Apr-16 20:13:34

I am talking about wall colours. I have to choose wall colours for the every area of the house (hallway, stairs, upstairs landing, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, utility, lounge, dinning room and family room) and I am not sure what would look good.
For the bedrooms, I do have some colours that I like, but do they all have to be the same shade and tone? If I go with different colours, does it look odd and do you lose a sense of flow?

Just looking for some input and inspiration. TIA 😊

OnePlanOnHouzz Wed 13-Apr-16 20:54:03

I personally tend to use the same tones on each floor - just to make it all flow beautifully from one room to the next ( and so I can move the furniture round between rooms when I fancy a change ) but not throughout the whole building !

Titsywoo Wed 13-Apr-16 21:00:12

No all my rooms are different - kitchen is egyptian cotton, lounge striped wallpaper (it looks great honest!), hallway grey, bathroom black and white, ds room blue, dd room pink and our room isn't done yet but I'm hoping I can have it in green tones. I don't really think about 'flow' but my house looks great and everyone says so. Same colours throughout sounds really dull to me (I hate the whole plain walls and putting in colours with accessories). But you should decorate your house in the colours you like surely? I like to walk into every room and love how it looks.

Adsss Wed 13-Apr-16 21:06:33

Magpie me - not always the brightest colour on the chart but I think I have most of the rainbow covered!
Bedrooms: red/cream, pinks, blues, purple and a greeny one
Kitchen White/Teal/Orange
Office Yellow
Play room Rainbow stripe carpet and I don't think I can see any walls behind the toys and books!
Bathrooms one blue one white with colourful stripe of most colours
Sitting rooms wait for it........... whites!

Adsss Wed 13-Apr-16 21:09:33

Couldn't agree more with Titsywoo and walking into a room and it making you smile and feel uplifted.

OnePlanOnHouzz Wed 13-Apr-16 21:36:31

I like Neptune type colours ( ok yes it's a bit boring perhaps !) I've just done a mental walk through the ground floor - the staples are Egyptian cotton, Manor House grey, With some darker Moles breath and lighter brilliant white ! With pale oak grey washed floors or pale travertine ....

AgathaMystery Wed 13-Apr-16 21:38:00

Whole house is shades of grey. No other colours on the walls. I love it!

lalalonglegs Wed 13-Apr-16 22:01:49

Yes, I have very similar shades throughout (quite neutral greys/stone) mainly because I have a lot of pictures on the walls and some quite bright furniture and accessories so I need the walls not to be shouting for attention too.

thatsn0tmyname Wed 13-Apr-16 22:03:56

Yes. It's a duckegg/ sage green called Highland Falls from Dulux. We've used different tones around the house and kept the same neutral carpet throughout. Looks good!

dudsville Wed 13-Apr-16 22:06:04

My flooring and walls, doors are the same throughout the house. Each room had its own colouring, lampshades, curtains whatever. I find it easier and more relaxing on the eye. Having said that I love a magpie approach!

Salfordlass Wed 13-Apr-16 22:11:22

I used to have different shades but then we redecorated and I wanted it all to 'flow' - I chose a fab light grey neutral, farrow and balls 'skimming stone' it's really lovely, a perfect neutral. We did it about a 18 months ago and I have no plans to change it, whereas previously I used to repaint every few months!

*Top tip*- when uv chosen ur colour, just buy a tester pot then get it matched at the Valspar counter at B&Q (if u have one local) - they are a perfect match and about half the price of the more expensive brands. They then store it on the computer for u so u can get another pot any time u want. (Paint it onto a piece of card as u want it matched to the dry paint colour)

SwimInTea Wed 13-Apr-16 23:24:53

Thanks for all the tips and ideas 😊
If I had to leave it to DH, every room would be blue! shock

Chottie Thu 14-Apr-16 19:17:01

I have the same tones throughout the house for the flooring and walls. All the curtains, bed covers, cushions etc are in shades of blues and greens. I love the restful feeling of my home.

wombattoo Thu 14-Apr-16 19:23:31

My walls are all the same colour, it's a cream colour (Natural Wicker) but looks different in each room because of the light. The rooms look slightly different due to curtains (i.e. red in dining room, chocolate in one bedroom) Oak doors upstairs and down, oak floors downstairs and same colour carpet up the stairs and in bedrooms. I know it wouldn't suit every body, but I love it. Good luck

pearlylum Thu 14-Apr-16 21:12:59

My house is white thoughout. I love it.

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