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Colour for a small north facing room

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monal Wed 13-Apr-16 16:42:25

Hello. A room has just become available for my elderly dad in a nursing home; apparently it's quite small, and north facing (in Edinburgh) so quite dark. What do you think the best colour would be for the walls (they've asked us)? I'm looking for bright, and (ideally) calming although a bunch of drugs may help more with that than paint. Is white the best? Cream? Some sort of pale colour?

He has dementia, his room in his house was white and his room in our old house where I grew up which he probably remembers better was yellow, if that makes a difference.

Thank you for any ideas!

MaynJune Wed 13-Apr-16 18:22:28

You could have a look at Dulux ivory, which is a lovely shade for a north-facing room. It's a soft yellowy cream, a bit paler than butter. It's easy to get bright rugs to tone with it.
I'm in the east of Scotland too, by the way, and the last thing I'd want in a north facing room is anything grey toned. I had Natural Calico before and it was rather drab and dingy, though fine in my south-facing living-room.

TattyCat Wed 13-Apr-16 22:01:21

I've always leaned towards painting north facing dark rooms with a warm, darkish cosy colour but have just repainted a room like this in bright white. I absolutely love it! Very surprised by this as the idea of bright white was cold, but it's lovely and fresh. I've added some colour with accessories and the carpet is a brown/cream fleck which sounds awful and it was until I painted the room white!

I think try and match as closely to a room he feels comfortable and familiar. I'm sure that's what I'd want - change becomes more difficult with age anyway.

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