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Quartz vs laminate price

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traceyed1 Wed 13-Apr-16 08:11:07

Looking into choosing a worktop. Haven't a clue In terms of prices but obviously I know Quartz will be more expensive than laminate but how much more expensive is it? I am willing to pay more for the Quartz but I have a limited budget so have to be realistic. Thanks

Sandbagsandgladrags Wed 13-Apr-16 09:43:34

My mid range quartz worktops (Arenastone) cost £2,600 last year for about seven metres of worktop plus up stands and a windowsill and including fitting. I think from memory that if we'd gone for a really good laminate instead it might have cost us about £600ish not including fitting.

Our quartz looks really good but we don't put hot pans on it or cut on it. I'm also a bit paranoid about smashing glasses or crockery on it. To be honest if I was looking for ways to save money I'd look at getting a great laminate and spend extra on good pan drawers etc. Each to their own though.

namechangedtoday15 Wed 13-Apr-16 10:14:04

I think it depends on a couple of things - which laminate you go for (we had Duropal which is kind of top of the range, which quartz you go for (we have Compac) and whether you're prepared to shop around. The quotes we had for the quartz - same range, same size, etc varied by more than £1,000.

The quartz was about double the cost of the laminate, maybe a tad more.

TremoloGreen Wed 13-Apr-16 11:24:10

I would expect a top quality laminate, including fitting (e.g. Duropal) to be around a third to a quarter the price of quartz fitted.

There are other alternatives such as solid surface worktops that are a maninly acrylic composite with a chipboard coare... Maia is a popular one, but also Apollo Magna and B&Q do their own one. There is also Caesarstone and other brands that are stone composite with a chipboard core. Prices vary for these but I would expect them to be in between the rpice of laminate and quartz - fitting is cheaper because they can be cut on site and some of the brands are 'modular' so you can buy a ready made module with an inset sink and draining grooves etc which is a good way to save money.

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