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Neighbour's house likely to be converted into flats

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TheHeath Tue 12-Apr-16 17:50:24

My neighbour is selling up, and we happened to get chatting to the chap who is very interested in buying it.

"Will you be living here" i asked.

"Nah, i'll probably convert it into flats"

And that is all he said.

A bit of context - we live in a quite a "rough" area of London, Thornton Heath. We actually like the area, we live on a great street, and we have no problems with the area at all. However, there are SOME roads in the area that have been destroyed by slum landlords, over crowded HMOs, and the only people that seem to rent in those roads are the very destitute, and, sadly, quite a few anti social types.

I am haunted by what someone told me years ago ' "once you have one house converted, they will all slowly go that way".

I fear for my road. We are a small road 100 or so houses, NONE of which have ever been converted. I don't get it - why is one suddenly come along now?

I also wonder what sort of person would rent in Thornton Heath? It is one of hte most undesirable places in London I know (that said, my family and I love it and want to stay, probably, for life).

My fear is - is a sudden house conversion a major "there goes the neighbourhood moment"? - although, in this instance, I am more concerned for the road, obviously.

If it is converted, will it likely be professionals, or DSS?

Does this sort of thing indicate anything in a market?

Do the council limit conversions? Will it get approved?

The house he is looking at, the same layout as ours, is 400k. And rents for a one bed are about 1100 k in the area.

I know i sound panicky, I'd just like to know peoples thoughts on the matter.

TheHeath Tue 12-Apr-16 17:52:16

also annoys me that a perfectly good, cheap (albeit in London terms) family home will be lost. On the other hand, we are in a crisis, but London needs it's family homes too

Believeitornot Tue 12-Apr-16 17:56:14

Well it sounds like you have a bigger issue with housing policy in this country....

Fwiw I was born in Thornton Heath grin

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