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Talk to me about freestanding dual fuel cookers

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WidowWadman Tue 12-Apr-16 15:59:26

Currently in process of getting new kitchen. Due to space constraints and preferences (want to double oven with reasonably sized ovens), it has to be free standing. Definitely want gas hob/electric oven. Beyond that I'm pretty agnostic, but the price differentials seem vast between brands. Can't go wider than 60cm, but what do I need to consider? Don't want to go cheap and nasty, but not overspend on non-important features.

DarkBlueEyes Tue 12-Apr-16 19:53:01

Personally, I love a Falcon. Chunky inside with the clunk facctor. But they are expensive, Rangemaster is a good mid priced option. Which has reviewed range cookers recently, so that's where I would start.

blueskyinmarch Tue 12-Apr-16 19:56:49

I have a Rangemaster. I love it. I had one in my old house and didn’t hesitate to get another when i put a new kitchen in my current house.

blueskyinmarch Tue 12-Apr-16 19:58:03

Having said that my first one was 90cm and the second was 100cm. Wouldn’t have liked anything smaller.

ABetaDad1 Tue 12-Apr-16 20:03:55

You wont get a double oven in 60 cm will you?

I had a Falcon 100 cm wide dual fuel. Quiet good but a pain to clean the gas hob top.

I now have a Range Master 100 cm wide electric double oven and induction hob. Flat top easy to clean and would not go back to gas hob.

Definitely like electric ovens too.

TwoLittleBlooms Tue 12-Apr-16 20:54:29

I've just bought a duel fuel double oven. Absolutely love it. I previously had a non-fan, single small built in electric (which was awful) and gas hob.

I have the Hotpoint HUD61G - only had it a couple of months and it is fab! I did Easter dinner for us and friends and had lots of room! The fan is great, the grill can be either half grill or full grill, it is triple glazed glass, the pan stands are easy to clean (4 individual rather than 2 large ones). It also has stay clean liners (although I haven't yet tried cleaning in the oven).

TwoLittleBlooms Tue 12-Apr-16 20:55:42

Oh and it is 60cm and doesn't require more than 2 mm gaps at side. Great for restricted space.

WidowWadman Tue 12-Apr-16 21:26:43

Thanks - that one looks good, twolittleblooms. Also will check out Which

RaisingSteam Wed 13-Apr-16 00:20:26

Cannon Harrogate, we have one for same reasons, very good build quality ( better than Stoves) and big ovens.

BadCarrot Thu 04-Aug-16 18:31:37

We bought a Hotpoint HUD61 two months ago - one of the control knobs has already broken. When I rang to complain and get it mended they tried to sell me an accidental damage policy AND couldn't come to mend it for two weeks!

Wish I'd gone for Canon :-(

PigletJohn Thu 04-Aug-16 23:33:11

The Harrogate and the HUD are actually the same, apart from the door trim and badge, and are made in an Indesit factory.

I have the Harrogate with catalytic liners.

Kaisha02 Thu 04-Aug-16 23:38:48

Another vote for range master. We absolutely love ours. Keep an eye out for sales at Currys!

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