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does anyone have Karndean upstairs?

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PixieGio Mon 11-Apr-16 23:00:09

For example, in bedrooms? We're having it fitted this week with the usual ply wood and a layer of sound absorbent insulation apparently. Husband is a bit worried about noise from bedrooms still. Any experiences of this type of insulation?

ggirl Mon 11-Apr-16 23:03:33

interested as we're thinking of doing this..need to get rid of carpets cos of allergies

Only1scoop Mon 11-Apr-16 23:06:11

Just make sure everything has felt pads on it. Was shocked how easy it scratches.

PixieGio Mon 11-Apr-16 23:07:07

Yes I didn't want carpets either. Hopefully the noise won't carry too much through the floor boards. If we like the Karndean we may get it fitted downstairs too - it's just so pricey though shock

PixieGio Mon 11-Apr-16 23:09:03

Thanks Only. OK so all furniture to have pads stuck on... will cry if it scratches.

Only1scoop Mon 11-Apr-16 23:14:27

Ours is really dark with long wide plank effect so it's extremely noticeable. I imagine with different designs it's not as bad.

But yes, even watch really innocuous types of things like popping down a plastic washing basket and especially legs on items which you may think are smooth.

I'm sure it will look lovely though and upstairs it will have less wear.

NicknameUsed Mon 11-Apr-16 23:15:19

I dislike hard floors upstairs. Noise, cold underfoot and dust bunnies are the main reasons for me.

PixieGio Mon 11-Apr-16 23:26:13

Only - ours is one of the dark Art select ones (Santina Cherry). I think it'll look awesome. Putting a rug down in my toddlers room. I'm gonna have to watch him with 5 million toy cars on my new flooring. ..

Only1scoop Tue 12-Apr-16 01:11:40

That's a lovely choice, We have the same range in winter Oak....

Pixie, yes be very careful with the toys....dd pushed her wheelie bug along on its side I still haven't gotten over the scratch she left sad

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