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Noise nuisance -Scotland

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Aspergallus Mon 11-Apr-16 22:11:06

Absolutely devastated tonight...

We finally moved into our "forever" home 3 years ago, after moving almost every 6 months for a number of years. Two DC aged 4 and 18 months. Finally feeling settled. It's an old Victorian property which we have been modernising. A lot of work was required in the first two years on sanitation, plumbing, windows.

It's an old quiet residential street but some of the houses are very large. Our house would have hosted the servants for some of the other houses at one time. Dotted around among the normal residential homes, some of the larger houses have been utilised as B&Bs (the quiet kind that older people frequent!) and some as care homes.

Last year a hotel started hosting weddings. The noise was unbelievable. We were driven to despair when every Sat night the house was coursing with base beats. Our eldest was distressed, we were all tense and unable to settle. After much complaining to the police and the council, the noise issue was finally resolved. I'm not sure how, but the council did concede to me that the owners did not have permission to use the hotel as a venue and the noise nuisance (and my, and other neighbours continual complaining threatened their alcohol licence). It was a huge relief after a horrible period.

Now, a lovely quiet guesthouse across the road from us has been sold. We've now discovered that the new owners are modernising it for a younger market and plan to start hosting weddings. It has been a saga style old peoples hotel till now.

I am absolutely gutted. Music, night-time footfall, shouting, laughing, car doors, taxis etc all just directly below my children's bedrooms. I could just weep and weep. So much spent on buying the house, making it a home, so much spent on renovations and I think it's just going to become unlivable for us here...and that our house will become unsellable.

I would hate to move again; my eldest is aware we've moved a lot and often asks if this is really our house now :-(

...but really, should we just get the house on the market now before it all really gets established when we might have half a chance of selling up before the street is known for the venue/noise?

...or should I have more faith in the council to sort it out if/when it becomes a problem again?

What do people think? What would you do?

Aspergallus Mon 11-Apr-16 22:11:27

Sorry that was so long...

StepAwayFromTheThesaurus Mon 11-Apr-16 22:15:49

They would have to apply for the relevant licenses and you (plus all the neighbours) can object. The previous issues suggest they may not be successful getting a license to turn it into a wedding venue.

Aspergallus Mon 11-Apr-16 22:21:25

Does that just apply to actual wedding ceremonies? What if it's just noisy receptions they want to host?

Redglitter Mon 11-Apr-16 22:25:01

They'll need licences to sell alcohol etc not just to host weddings.

Aspergallus Tue 12-Apr-16 07:46:23

How pro-active should I be about this? Do we have to wait till events start and see what the noise is like? Or should I be getting all the neighbours to sign a petition now against the granting of any licences which would support the hotel becoming a venue for these events?

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