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Having a really bad day on the property hunt

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QueenMolotov Mon 11-Apr-16 14:47:49

We're looking to rent a larger house. Thought we'd found the right house for us on Friday and was going to submit an application first thing this morning, only to find the LL accepted an offer over the asking pcm and the property was immediately withdrawn from the market.

Then, I saw another very suitable property today; called the agent only to discover that the LL has stipulated 2 adults and 2 children only. Rules us out as I am pg with dc3! WTF? The house was a large family home, in our price range, too ...

I'm exhausted by today, I really am sad

readingrainbow Mon 11-Apr-16 18:41:10

I feel for you. chocolate

We really struggled to find a nice house to rent recently, being turned down by several landlords based on our family size (but, oh, puppies were okay!). Estate agents lying and messing us about. We finally landed in a too-small house that is very grubby, but at least it was only a six month contract. hmm

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