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Luv2chatu Sun 10-Apr-16 23:46:19

Hi all,

Please can I get some advice, I'm in a real dilemma. I live in a really sought after location, and love my area; close to shops, cafes, bars, transport links and very leafy. However! I live in a conversion property which has really poor sound insulation which magnifies sound and causes furniture in my flat to vibrate, meaning that I can hear and feel everything, from stomping to running, and dropping things constantly. The issue is more to do with the property being an old Victorian house which lacks soundproofing, rather than my neighbour however, there are three small children above and the tenant owns 1 dogs (which is allowed) which does not help the situation. After numerous complaints to the council (my landlord) a transfer has been agreed for me to be moved😀

However, my attachment and luv for my area has got me at a crossroads, I know I can't stay here as my health has been affected because of the situation but I also don't want to move to anywhere...... I am very grateful for this opportunity but as mother of two I fear of moving to the wrong location.... I have contemplated installing sound insulation but my ceilings are too low and there is no guarantee it will work.

A property has come up in a not so sought after area but the property has some good points I.e. Own front door and garden ...which I don't currently have as mine is shared.......

My current property is a street property whereas this is on an quiet estate, all new builds though not recently built and no tower blocks.. I really didn't want to move to an estate given previous experience however I'm concerned that if I don't except I won't get as good a offer again. I've driven there day and night to see if there are any issues of concern and spoken to residents who speak highly of the area......being a new build the property is a lot smaller than my current however as stated it does have other extra bonus I.e own drive!

Should I move or wait to be offered another property? I would be greatful for any advice you may have

Sorry for the essay

Many thanks in advance for your response

CookieDoughKid Sun 10-Apr-16 23:55:32

I moved from my house 2 years ago precisely because of the same issue!! It really affected my health and sleep and it really bothered me every time upstairs walked or did anything to the point where I was even listening out for any hint of noise. It was incredibly painful to live with . I moved into shiny new and LARGE estate and house (estate only built in last 5 years) and was worried but it was the best thing ever. My new house and road is incredibly quiet. It's raining and all I hear is the calming patter of rain on my window. I've made really good friends with my neighbours and it's a really good community spirit with a mix of professionals and social housing tenants on the estate. It's honestly not that bad and no trouble here. I'm in Didcot, Oxfordshire which is known for its grubbiness but that's really old hat given the sheer amount of £ spent on regeneration in the town.

I say go for it, your health is the most important thing and I say thank you God everyday for peace and quiet!!

Luv2chatu Mon 11-Apr-16 00:09:42

Thank you so much @cookiedoughkid, you've been very helpful, it's so good to hear from someone who has experienced the same issues ... Oh and I'm exactly the same Re: listening out for the noise as when it's quiet which isn't often you almost are too scared to relax and enjoy the moment lol

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