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Why oh why don't I bring my wooden furniture inside for winter?!

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FurbysMakeSexNoises Sun 10-Apr-16 17:41:33

It's all covered in greeny lichen stuff. I've had a go with a wire brush but doesn't get anywhere near clean. I'm not too bothered but wouldn't want green stuff on my clothes and it makes a crappy first impression.

I don't really want to spend loads of time on this as I am lazy and would rather be tending my veg patch.

Any cunning tips for things to splash on it to make a quick improvement for the summer?

PrimalLass Sun 10-Apr-16 17:42:21

Borrow a pressure washer.

vienaa Sun 10-Apr-16 20:26:47

power wash should get it off

GasLightShining Sun 10-Apr-16 22:36:04

Pressure washer and then start covering it up over the winter

PigletJohn Sun 10-Apr-16 23:45:20

A wire brush will scratch it. Scrub it with a nylon brush.

Is it varnished, oiled or what?

justwhatineeded Mon 11-Apr-16 08:39:41

Pressure washer is the way, it wont take long at all.

once you have finished wait till its dry. Then apply a stain or varnish.

You should get a plastic cover so you can keep them clean and dry, they aren't expensive and will make them last much longer.

florianblossom Mon 11-Apr-16 08:46:10

Pressure washers are great but needs to be on a low setting or could strip the paint off! They also can remove pointing from old walls so caution is advised.
I personally use ACE which I treat as some kind of magic potion. It's an extremely effective oxegynated bleach which eats the organic bacteria. I would try it neat or in a half hot water solution, and make sure to rinse well while not letting it touch any plants. I use Ace for everything now, from cleaning or unblocking the toilet, removing stains, it's amazing!

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Tue 12-Apr-16 09:06:12

Pressure wash and then oil it if it's hardwood. The oiling doesn't take long at all.

I used to scrub ours - algae and bird shit - took ages. Then dh bought his new boys' toy (pressure washer) and did it in a fraction of the time. Plus he put 3 lots of teak oil on it - I only ever put one.
We've had ours many years and never bring it in or cover it up. There are odd days even in winter when I like to sit out.

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