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Why oh why don't I bring my wooden furniture inside for winter?!

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FurbysMakeSexNoises Sun 10-Apr-16 17:40:07

It's all covered in greeny lichen stuff. I've had a go with a wire brush but doesn't get anywhere near clean. I'm not too bothered but wouldn't want green stuff on my clothes and it makes a crappy first impression.

I don't really want to spend loads of time on this as I am lazy and would rather be tending my veg patch.

Any cunning tips for things to splash on it to make a quick improvement for the summer?

bearbehind Sun 10-Apr-16 17:41:22

Buy rattan furniture instead grin

CointreauVersial Sun 10-Apr-16 17:43:19

Borrow a pressure washer (Karcher, or similar). DH blasts our teak table and chairs every spring, and it comes up beautifully.

Lamu Sun 10-Apr-16 17:46:41

YY on the karcher. Best purchase ever, so satisfying cleaning all the furniture and patio every spring.

wonkylegs Sun 10-Apr-16 17:49:01

I used this stuff on ours last year before I oiled it and it came up great.

FurbysMakeSexNoises Sun 10-Apr-16 17:49:48

Oh I do have one! Hadn't thought of trying it! What's the best thing to paint on afterwards?

JT05 Sun 10-Apr-16 18:02:07

Oil it with teak oil or ceder oil depending on the wood.

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