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Need some Extension Help here Please - layout and options are a real headache?

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united4ever Sat 09-Apr-16 21:49:19

Early stages of planning an extension here and wondering what would be the best. Please see attached pictures. On the side we are looking at a two storey extension 2.6 metres wide and running back 6.5 metres. On the ground floor only would like to extend out just 2 metres to create a larger kitchen with skylights.

Please feel free to comment on the best way to organize this new space. A couple of things which I can't seem to configure.

I'd like a utility room kind of hidden away where we could dry clothes on rainy days - logically this would be by the kitchen but can't quite figure out where/how. This is really where I need some creative thinking.

Would like an island in the kitchen. Does this generally mean you leave the walls with less cupboards/counters? On the plans the garden is at the top of the picture - would look at patio doors with windows above and to the side to let in light. Garden is NW facing so got to think of ways to get the light in - skylights mainly.

At the front our tiny vestibule is currently only enough to put a few shoes and squeeze in the house. Would like a porch but would like it to be integrated with the side extension so bringing the second reception forward in line with it. Not sure this would get planning permission. Neighbours have a porch about 1metre out but except for porches nobody has built forward. I just think it would look better and would give more space. Back up plan is just to add a porch only.

Upstairs, I am thinking a 4th bedroom which would be the master. Would love an ensuite but am conscious of the cost. Another option is to make the ground floor just a single storey extension with lots of skylights (on the side as well) and then use the current box room upstairs for a staircase going up to a loft conversion. This would still mean only a 3 bed house though albeit 3 doubles (though that box room is really tiny and barely usable as a bedroom).

Finally what sort of figure do you think I am looking at here. Not too keen on project managing too much. Would 70k be possible for the 2 storey side extension (with or without ensuite) and kitchen extension. We are in the North West or am I looking at way more?

I am conscious of long term resale value - what would add value and what wouldn't. I would lose a garage on the side as well but would plan on putting a shed in the garden for storage. I would plan on keeping a 1 metre gap from the neighbours border so as to allow access/wheely bins? Do you think this is worthwile - could go up to the border and have an extra metre width but would mean no outside access to the rear and wheely bins looking ugly at the front.

Thanks for any help, really can't make up my mind and would appreciate any ideassmile

lalalonglegs Sat 09-Apr-16 21:57:37

My first thought is that is an enormous island - if it is drawn to scale, then you will spend all day walking around it. My second thought is that you only seem to be able to access your kitchen via the other reception rooms which isn't ideal, imo. I think you would be much better off speaking to an architect or doing a lot of research online into various layouts as what you are proposing doesn't seem the best use of space or to be giving you what you want (eg a laundry room).

SwedishEdith Sat 09-Apr-16 22:11:47

I would look at either Rightmove or local planning applications on council site for ideas for floor plans. Looks like you've got a standard 30s layout so there'll be loads locally who've already extended.

CobblerBob Sat 09-Apr-16 22:22:45

Get an architect or an architect technician. For the money they can come up with really ingenious solutions. If you think of how much money a double story side extension can cost, the hundreds involved in getting good design and help is money really well spent.

Ours has completely revolutionised the layout of the house and has given me everything I wanted in ways I could never have imagined. She is also taking it through planning for us. I am so, so glad I consulted her. And I am having a very similar sized extension BTW.

CobblerBob Sat 09-Apr-16 22:23:19

Although I must add that my original layout is very different.

united4ever Sat 09-Apr-16 22:27:35

Good points. The downstairs WC was put in before we bought the house and is where the hall would have continued into the kitchen. We could revert t back and have the traditional hall to kitchen access and find space elsewhere for a downstairs WC - Maybe that would be better - I am just worried about cost but you are right, it would be better.

Was unsure if the second reception room should also have a door direct to the kitchen but I quite like the idea of a bit of a quieter reception room in such an open plan house.The island is not to scale and yes, I have looked at other houses on rightmove but will consider looking at planning appplications. Many Thanks

waterandtea Sat 09-Apr-16 23:05:09

A few thoughts -

2.6m is very narrow - I think the rooms will feel small because they're narrow so you may be disappointed with the space. Could you push it a bit wider while maintaining the side access? Even just going to 3m would make a noticeable difference from 2.6m.

What are the dimensions of the planned rooms?

I would move the downstairs WC from where it is now to open that through to the kitchen which would bring light into the hallway, I'd put the WC and a utility at the back of the second reception room.

What do you plan to use the second reception for? Playroom?

If you're spending that much on an extension I think you need to go to 4 beds otherwise it won't add sufficient value.

thewookieswife Sat 09-Apr-16 23:15:30

Adding this for you to doodle on ... Hope it helps

namechangedtoday15 Sat 09-Apr-16 23:21:46

Similar layout here. I agree that you should reinstate access to the kitchen via the hall.

Couple of other points - I don't think 2.6m wide would be wide enough for a master bedroom. I'd be tempted to make the existing bathroom an en suite to Bedroom 1 then divide the side extension between a bedroom and a bathroom. I would potentially enquire about going further out but think you'd lose access to the back of the house and it's unlikely to get planning permission (also in NW and our LA says double storey side extensions have to leave 1m to boundary).

Having started our extension today finally I don't think you'll get a double storey side extension and rear ground floor extension for 70k.

united4ever Sat 09-Apr-16 23:26:52

oh that's super Wooky - I'm now embarassed by my effort! I like the division of the master suite/dressing room and ensuite upstairs. It's clear that the current downstairs WC will have to be moved to open up the downstairs. Thankssmile

united4ever Sat 09-Apr-16 23:40:32

oh and waterand tea. The second reception would be a playroom for now but as the kids get older it would be nice to have seperate rooms to watch tv/relax. I will check about the 1 metre to boundary rule with LA but I have seen some nearby (on a different street) that go right up to boundary but yes, will check and get some professional help too from an Architect but it's nice to get some ideas of what we want and hopefully get them improved upon. Thanks again.

wowfudge Sun 10-Apr-16 09:07:32

What do you currently use the garage for and what would you do with what is in there if you get rid of it? Be aware that you may not get planning permission for a two storey extension with the whole of the front elevation in line with the rest of the house - the first floor may have to be set back.

united4ever Sun 10-Apr-16 10:04:07

Garage is used for bikes and garden tools and suitcase only really. I see your point about planning permission. That would explain why so many people have the side extension set back a bit.

wowfudge Sun 10-Apr-16 10:40:19

Without the garage then you need to consider where you will store the bikes then and how you will access that place. If you use the loft for storage now, anything conversion work you might do up there needs to be done with that in mind. Either that or you have a big decluttering session!

united4ever Sun 10-Apr-16 14:54:56

Yes. Got a corner of the garden earmarked for a shed. Plus the loft is empty at present so may get it boarded for storage. Decluttering is a good thing to do though too😊

vienaa Mon 11-Apr-16 14:15:56

We built our 2 storey side extension last year just the shell, so all water tight and we are getting stuck in with the inside now as I did not want to be in a mess with Christmas and the cold weather... We built a porch out a few years ago just under 4ft the max and I love the space its given me in my hall way as we opened it up... We built a garage (but its more for storage, as you could only fit a smart car in it) in line with the porch, we knew we had to go back 3 meters when we did the sec floor but we went 3 meters from the new porch but they turned us down as we had to go back 3 meters from the original line of the house, they did not want that terrace affect as all the houses are semi 1930 style with bay windows.. Looking at your plans, the original layout is a bit like yours, just where you have your toilet we have a door to the kitchen and we also have the double doors in between the 2 rooms and each rooms have there own doors to the rooms , we are blocking the double doors up and blocking up the door to the back room, but keeping the door to the kitchen but we are knocking the wall between the kitchen and the other family room/dinning room and that will become my kitchen, with island and ( we already have an extension in the back) then when you go threw the kitchen there will be a door to the new kids room/family room just to the right, which has French doors to go to the garden, then there is a shower sink and toilet in between the garage and new family room.... We also had to prove to the council we could fit 3 cars in the front garden as we were bringing our garage forward....

united4ever Mon 18-Apr-16 01:02:02

Finally had a go with Roomsketch and done some thinking with the family. Next step will be professional advice but these picyures seem to give us what we want and the measurements seem to be viable. Two small reception rooms, big kitchen diner, utility and downstairs WC. Will have a crack at the upstairs. Better than my first sketch I hope you'll agree smile

united4ever Mon 18-Apr-16 01:03:50

by the way, black and white image is just what we have at present. other two are the goal.

namechangedtoday15 Mon 18-Apr-16 09:42:49

What are the dimensions of the rooms? If you are only going out 2m from the back of the house, your dimensions don't look quite right - is the sketch to scale? How big will each of the reception rooms be?

united4ever Mon 18-Apr-16 11:10:59

Yes Namechanged, it is to scale give or take a few centimetres (I know this would need to be precise). see updated image with most measurements. I changed the plan to extend out by 3 metres at the back. Room measurements attached. Quite small reception rooms do you think?

namechangedtoday15 Mon 18-Apr-16 12:09:32

It depends what you want from the rooms. Certainly the one at the back, which in feet is about 11' square is small. If you want it as a kind of kids den with a TV then it would be fine, but corner sofas are usually about 2.5m in each direction, and a door width is usually about 90cm including the doorframe, so you'd have to be very careful with the furniture you chose. The front one is about 12' x 11' so would still need to be careful with furniture, depends whether you intend to use that as a family sitting room and how many children you have.

I know up thread you said you were only in the early stages - do you know if you'd be allowed to go out as you plan at the rear and side yet?

united4ever Mon 18-Apr-16 12:40:34

Thanks, yes, the second room would be a den really....was even thinking of not having a door so it is more of a semi private nook off the kitchen/hall. Currently there are glass doors seperating the two rooms so we could keep that but I quite like the idea of at least one seperate room when the rest of the house is so open plan. We have 2 small kids (4 and 7). Yeah , the furniture is badly selected on that floor plan. Would choose small sofa for each room (maybe with an additional armchair in the bigger room).

namechangedtoday15 Mon 18-Apr-16 13:03:37

Doors in between are a good idea but compromise the furniture placement even more (how would you open them if you had furniture as you've drawn?). I think I'd want a door into the hall for heat and noise control but that's just me

Looks like a great space though smile

united4ever Tue 19-Apr-16 19:24:14

Thanks again. Yes. Losing the connecting doors between lounges makes sense.

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