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Two up, two down terrace

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MrsPatmore Sat 09-Apr-16 19:50:35

Can anyone give me any ideas on a two up, two down terrace re-furb please (links if possible)? Have googled but 'fabulous' side return extensions coming up at mega-bucks and Pinterest etc showing quite spacious mid - terraces in places like Chelsea. Budget tight, edge of SE London in v. unfashionable place (Zone 3/4 - although Crossrail on the way!). Tiny, galley kitchen which is v depressing and bathroom ground floor off the kitchen. We would like to make the kitchen lighter (maybe skylight) and fitted but it's very small. It's the sort of house likely to appeal to first time buyers up to £350k or those upsizing from a flat. Nice 40'' garden. I think adding a loft/side return wouldn't get the capital return on this house (likely to cost in excess of £30,000) but then and again with Crossrail coming it would increase the kerb appeal? We want to move to the suburbs in a couple of years but need to maximise the price on this property in order to do that. What do you think?

lalalonglegs Sat 09-Apr-16 19:54:56

Can you post photos or a floorplan?

lalalonglegs Sat 09-Apr-16 19:57:52

A quick thought: is there any chance of building bathroom on top of kitchen (which I am assuming juts out at the back) and then knocking kitchen through to existing bathroom, plonking a pair of French windows overlooking garden and having it as a dining space?

Notsosmartagain Sat 09-Apr-16 20:02:46

I have recently refurbed a galley kitchen and have used wall units as base units on one side to give more cupboard and worktop space and tie both sides of the room together.
Is there two reception rooms? I saw a house for sale with sliding doors between living and dining rooms and thought it looked really good.

AveEldon Sat 09-Apr-16 20:04:59

What have other people on your street done?

SquinkiesRule Sat 09-Apr-16 20:07:32

Wow a 40ft garden, lovely. What about a little garden room that has power and lights, could be a home office or a chill out room or play room of some sort. Cheaper than a £30,000 side return extension.
Like this orthese

camelfinger Sat 09-Apr-16 20:10:02

If you're only going to stay a couple of years then I wouldn't do anything major. Just tart it up to a limited degree just before you put it on the market. Crossrail will definitely increase your house value and get more buyers interested. We did a side return two storey extension a few years ago (about 75k) and didn't regret it but we plan on staying in our house for the long term.

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