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How long for a survey?

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hotcrossbun99 Wed 06-Apr-16 21:06:06


I accepted an offer on my house 15 days ago and have heard nothing as yet regarding when they plan to have a survey done. Does anyone know if this is par for the course or should I have heard something by now? (the estate agents have asked them and they say they are waiting for their solicitor to sort it).

JeffreySadsacIsUnwell Wed 06-Apr-16 21:40:58

Why would a solicitor be arranging a survey?
We had a similar issue. The "buyers" were pissing around, kept saying they were sorting it. We gave them 24 hours to arrange a survey (and a couple of other things) or we'd put the house back on the market. They came back with further questions so we put the house back on the market... And thanks to prices having increased since we accepted their offer, we then accepted a higher offer from the next would-be buyers (who are lovely, and though we have no wish to be sentimental, we're secretly rather pleased they're getting our house and will be leaving them a welcome present/folder/contact numbers!).

wowfudge Wed 06-Apr-16 21:46:59

Mortgage application taking time? But the bit about the solicitor doesn't sound right.

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