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How have you found your tradesperson? And when do I contact builders?

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Notonthestairs Wed 06-Apr-16 20:48:55

Checkatrade? Rated people? Buy with confidence? Which Local?

I've looked at them all and they have totally different people listed, no cross over. Tried to get local recommendations and got nowhere.

My shed collapsed two months ago and I've lost control over our garden!

Plus we have put in plans to extend our house. Planning application has been put together by architect and sent off two weeks ago. No building regulations plans as yet but he's working on them. We do have lots of recomendations for builders.
When can I start contacting then to get quotes? Do I need to wait until I have building regs plans?

Moving15 Wed 06-Apr-16 22:40:18

If you don't have personal recommendations then just get three quotes for each job. Talking through the work with the tradesperson will help you understand what needs to happen and to understand the quotes you get. Some tradespersons will eliminate themselves from your quest by failing to respond to your enquiry, or failing to turn up, or failing to quote, or offering to side step vat with cash payment etc etc

Re the builders, I would start getting some broad quotes now. Good builders book up a long way in advance so it will really help you if you know who you want to use.

Moving15 Wed 06-Apr-16 22:45:33

And I missed out my answer to you question lol. Sorry.
I invite quotes from contacts on Which lists and where relevant I go to the trade or certification body website and find contacts on there.I try to get a range of quotes including one from someone who is self employed, one from a family business type set up and one from a shop front type set up. I try to keep them all local as much as possible so they have a vested interest I their reputation and aren't trying to get away early everyday they are working!

Notonthestairs Thu 07-Apr-16 09:24:18

Thats really helpful Moving, thank you. I felt like I was going round in circles!

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