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Making new friends

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Joanne3112 Wed 06-Apr-16 12:17:10

Hiya all, I'm 34 and I've lived in Hitchin for 10 years now after a breakup in London and I still know nobody here. Most of my friends still live in London. I now have two young girls khloe 3 and Charlotte 3 months and I'm bored of being on my own when bf is at work all day. I don't go anywhere, no baby clubs or groups. As I have nobody to go with. I've been secret garden a couple of times but feel like a donut sitting around with no company. Would be nice to make some new friends. Kids could mingle and I would have someone to go out with on those " let your hair down weekends".

cestlavielife Wed 06-Apr-16 14:11:35

you dont need anyone to go with you, just go out to under fives playgroups and try chatting to people.

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