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How Do I Get a Builder? (Idiot question alert)

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Notonthestairs Mon 04-Apr-16 09:58:58

Our planning application has gone in (two storey side and back extension and loft extension). We understand that there is a small risk our plans might be rejected, we going from hip to gable end to partial hip to gable (although a neighbour has just done the same thing so we are keeping our fingers crossed).

The architect is working on the building regulations plans - no sign of when these will be ready? Are these generally submitted after planning is authorised?

When is the right time to approach builders and ask for quotes?

We live in an area where everyone is extending rather than moving so the builders are very busy and we may have to wait a long time for the right one. We have recommendations from friends for local builders - can I contact them now or do I have to wait until we have the more detailed building regulations plans? I cant see how they can quote from our planning application plans as they lack detail.

I appreciate I could ask the architect but I have asked a lot of questions already and he's on holiday for the next fortnight. My house is a bit of a dump and I've put up with it for five years - I just want to get on with it!

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