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Please help us choose a range cooker

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FancyNancee Sat 02-Apr-16 13:36:52

Hello - we are redoing our kitchen, and looking for a new range cooker. We have a limitation in that we only have 13 amps available in the kitchen, which rules out most electric ovens.

We have found two possible candidates, and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on which looks best? (any other suggestions would of course also be very welcome.)


kansasmum Sat 02-Apr-16 13:50:45

I like the Classic. Be aware it will show fingerprints etc though!
Just AVOID Stoves ranges like the plague. I have one and its crap. Well the ovens are ok. But I've replaced numerous knobs on it and the hinges on the grill door 3 times in 5 years!!

Nanasueathome Sat 02-Apr-16 13:56:29


EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Sun 03-Apr-16 14:52:43

My advice may be out of date, but it's based on bitter personal experience.
The best thing I ever did about our all electric Belling range style cooker, was to continue with the insurance when the guarantee ran out. I was on good terms with the repair man, he came so often. I couldn't wait to see the back of it, we had more than our value out of the annual payment.

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