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Making an address 'official'

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SawdustInMyHair Thu 31-Mar-16 13:20:41

Background: I own the freehold of the building I live in, which is divided into two flats. I live in and own the leasehold to one of them, the neighbours own the leasehold to the other. It's a Victorian terrace which was converted to flats some time in the 1990s at the latest. On purchase, they couldn't find any record of the planning permission to convert (if there was any), so bought a one-off insurance thing against being prosecuted or whatever.

Anyway, so the problem we have is that although we get separate polling cards, council tax etc, addressed to 'Flat 1' and 'Flat 2', whenever we go on a website with a drop-down, or the bank are searching for the address, it only has the house address eg. 10 Sawdust Street. It doesn't have the flat numbers.

Does anyone know how we can make the addresses 'official'? It's causing problems!

I don't want to apply for planning permission retrospectively because although it should be over the time limit, but it's complicated because of all the leasehold/freehold business and I'd be liable if there were any issues with it!

PigletJohn Thu 31-Mar-16 13:28:13

The online companies are using PAF, the Postcode Address File maintained by the Royal Mail, or Post Office (I don't know who took it over) which they buy a licence to use.

You can notify the PO of the two flats, it will take a while to propagate onto the file and for the various companies to receive and process their updates.

There may be a local office at your nearest Main Sorting Office, but if you sear "Post Office" and "Postcode Updates" you will probably find a contact point.

PigletJohn Thu 31-Mar-16 13:29:50

might be

SawdustInMyHair Thu 31-Mar-16 13:43:16

Thanks, that's fantastic! flowers I was worried it would involve lots of faff with the council!

I'll get on it today!

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