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Anyone with any experience of Smart Glass?

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Ilikecakes Wed 30-Mar-16 17:42:50

Just that really! Renovating at the moment and want to have three panels of glass in the west facing wall of our extension to allow as much light in as possible. The windows would look into the bottom of our shared driveway and although we wouldn't be officially overlooked, our neighbours do tend to potter around there at times, shuffling useless bits of wood around.

DH wants these windows frosted, but I don't as they'll be right next to lovely clear bifold doors looking into the garden and I'd rather these match up. He breaks out in a cold sweat when I even mention a very subtle, discreet blind tucked into the top of each one and is now wanting to do away with the windows altogether unless we frost them. AIBU to want to strangle my husband when we discuss anything to do with renovation project?

Have discovered Smart Glass online and looks like the perfect solution, but it's impossible to get any idea of price online (found a 2011 discussion forum where someone said £1000 per sq m!) and, as we're trying to fuck up project manage this work from overseas, it's not as simple as getting a salesman to call in and do his spiel.

So wise people of MN, any rough idea of cost and/or whether it's actually any good?

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