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What colour painted furniture?

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swquestion Wed 30-Mar-16 08:37:19

I posted a while back about what colour my new kitchen is (it's newly installed in the house we are buying - I had some lovely suggestions including hamster tummy!).

We are a couple of weeks away from moving and i'm ordering a dining table and kitchen dresser (open shelves) where you can choose the paint colour from pretty much anything you want. The floor is being replaced from shiny white tile to a palish/blonde engineered wood.

I like strong colours and love inky/indigo blues - have been looking at the farrow and ball/little greene range as the furniture companies seem to suggest those. Do you think a strong dark blue on the table legs of the dining table and a colour in the same spectrum (but paler probably) for the dresser would work?

The dining table will be similar to this [!product-page/ndlvn/7bc10400-bfa2-4255-84da-ccb943a60a6f] but with straight legs and (hopefully!) the kitchen and dresser have attached.

Thanks - open to any suggestions.

seven201 Wed 30-Mar-16 08:40:19

I really think you should wait until you've moved in. I would probably have ordered completely different stuff if I'd done it before we moved.

swquestion Wed 30-Mar-16 08:41:55

I know. Except the furniture has a long lead time and we have family coming only four weeks after moving in so I'm itching to do it. Might have to sit on my hands!

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