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Making a single wardrobe into a double one.

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8misskitty8 Tue 29-Mar-16 15:37:04

Currently our bedroom and DD's are next to each other. the wall inbetween is were the fitted wardrobes are. They are offset from each other, so the back of Dd's wardrobe is part of the wall in our room and vice versa. The wardrobe however is too small to keep both mine and DH's clothes in so he has a freestanding wardrobe. It does make the room a bit cramped though, especially getting round the edge of the bed.

I've been thinking about blocking off the wardrobe in DD's room and taking out the plasterboard in our room and joining both wardrobes together. making an almost wall to wall wardrobe in our room and then putting DH's freestanding wardrobe into DD's room. It would free up some space in our room and give a bit more room round the bed.
Has anyone done this before, what were the costings like ? We could probably reuse the sliding doors (But would prefer new ones as these are the original brass edged ones.)

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