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Secondary glazing/listed building?

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chopinschopsticks Fri 25-Mar-16 18:28:33

We have had an offer accepted on a Georgian house, but the survey says that the secondary glazing is old and ineffective. We hope to replace it, but are there any difficulties with this as the house is grade 2 listed? What are the options and will it be expensive? We are on a quite busy road so I think we should probably do it, but just concerned about how effective it is likely to be and the likely cost.

All advice gratefully received!

CallMeMousie Fri 25-Mar-16 18:39:36

Can't help you on cost but we have a listed building near a busy road and the previous owners put in secondary glazing - it is wonderful! Ancient house but heats up well and the secondary glazing really keeps the noise right down. It's not cheap - a friend of mine had a quote for a window in her small cottage which was £1k just for the one window so it's worth bearing in mind when you offer, but I can't recommend good secondary glazing enough!

CallMeMousie Fri 25-Mar-16 18:40:37

Sorry - you have offered. In which case worth bearing in mind if you want to renegotiate. Sounds like a lovely house!

chopinschopsticks Fri 25-Mar-16 20:59:01

Yes, it is lovely and thanks for the advice Mousie.

PigletJohn Fri 25-Mar-16 23:01:42

I wonder what's wrong with the old secondary glazing? If it is wood or metal and glass, the technology is very simple and, not being exposed to weather, I have seen it in good condition after a hundred years or more.

chopinschopsticks Sat 26-Mar-16 02:29:28

Good point Piglet, but I don't know exactly what's wrong with it, it's just described as dated and inefficient.

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