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Place to live around Leicester

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anna1313 Tue 22-Mar-16 22:02:56

Hi, I have just been offered a job in Leicester and we are looking forwards to moving, from London. I have to be within about 10miles of the Royal Infirmary, and we were thinking of the villages to south of Leicester, or in Leicester itself. It needs to be near a good primary school, ideally state.
Any tips gratefully received!

JT05 Wed 23-Mar-16 06:47:22

You don't say if you have children. Great Glen (4 miles ) or Kibworth ( 7 miles ) are lovel villages with excellent schools, shops pubs restaurants and thriving communities. Both along the A6 from Leicester towards Market Harbrough (13 miles) where there is a mainline station.

If you want to be on th edge of Leicester, Stoneygate, South Knighton and Oadby. All along the A6 again, and near the University. Excellent schools and 2/3 miles from the Infirmary.

Not much on the market, at the moment. I'd rent first and get to know the area.

If you'd moved earlier in the year, you could have had my house grin

JT05 Wed 23-Mar-16 06:49:24

Sorry you did mention schools. All the areas I've mentioned have excellent primary schools. If youre going to be there any length of time, id check out the secondary schools as well.

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