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Upset of moving house

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Cheesypasta43 Tue 22-Mar-16 13:45:27

We have recently put our house up for sale.
I had no idea this would have such an impact on how I feel, and I need some advice as I feel totally lost and upset.

We've wanted to move out of the city for a while, and have kept our eye on the market over the past 12 month and have seen houses coming and going that we've liked.

Our house is lovely. It's a gorgeous 1930's bay fronted traditional house. We've been here over 10 years and have done it up, knocked walls out and had a little extension to improve it. We have lots of space and a huge garden for the children - which isn't overlooked and is south facing. We also know most people on our road, and have the most lovely neighbours. The problem we have is the proximity to the city and not so nice surrounding areas, and the local schools.

I'd like to be out of the city now. I'm past all the hustle and bustle, the ambulances and police sirens and busy roads and I'd like my children to have some place to play.

The local secondary school isn't great, although we could put our children on a 30 minute bus ride to a school out of town, but my son has some problems and isn't as independent as others his age - the bus isn't something I want for him.

We are looking at nearby villages. The house are smaller, and more expensive with tiny gardens. They are younger house and have no real character. We've got up increase our mortgage. We'll go from knowing lots of people in the area to no one at all.

I feel gutted, and worried and anxious and upset and really wished I could pick my house up and move it. I can't see anything at all on the market that I like at the minute.

I could really do with some advice from anyone that as been in the same position. Do we move, or do we stay put and put up with the things we don't like?
Will something come up for us, and will we settle - or will I forever regret selling my beautiful home?

How on earth do you know what to do?

sizeofalentil Tue 22-Mar-16 14:28:38

I'm not in the same position as you, but recently bought my first home with my DP so I get what you mean about the uncertainty when it comes to moving/finding the perfect property.

Why don't you wait and see how you'll feel when people start coming to view your house? It might sway you one way or the other.

Personally, I'd rather have the bigger house with the garden. Only because I tend to spend a lot of time at home and gardening and good neighbours and an older house are very important to me.

How will you feel when the children get a bit older and don't want a place to play as much? Do you have any nice parks/green spaces close to where you are now? Do you 100% want to move out of the town or do you just want some aspects to be different?

Is there any way you could try renting for a bit and rent out your house to see how you feel? Realise that's a massive faff and longshot and not too practical.

TattyCat Tue 22-Mar-16 19:31:46

Agree I'd be tempted to rent yours out and rent in whatever area you think you might like. If you're unsure then it's at least something you can back track on should you not find anything you're happy with. At least it would only be for a minimum 6 months, and it would give you chance to find the right house for you all.

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