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Discounts at Ideal Home Show?

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Ilikecakes Mon 21-Mar-16 08:11:32

Apologies for multiple post across mumsnet, had no idea this topic was here!

Have been living overseas for the last three years, but will be returning to the UK this summer - can't flipping wait! We're doing a major renovation job on our house in UK prior to our return, and will need the works - furniture, flooring, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom etc. I've got hold of free tickets to the Ideal Home Show and was wondering whether it's worth a trip back to go, purely on the basis that there might be some discounts to be had at the event?

We have a good idea of what we're looking for so we wouldn't make the trip just for inspiration, it'd only be worth it if there was a chance of saving some money and to get away from the kids for the day.

We'd be spending around £150 in flights to nip over for the day, plus getting into, out of and around London, lunch etc, so just want it to be worth our while!

Anyone been before and/or have any idea if suppliers do decent 'show prices' on their stands?

Thanks in advance!

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