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Ikea kitchen

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MugsLife Mon 21-Mar-16 07:30:11

Does anyone have experience of getting an ikea kitchen recently? I'm just wondering how long it took from ordering to delivery? Ikea gives no indication how long it might take.

traceyed1 Mon 21-Mar-16 07:48:55

Hi I ordered our kitchen on Saturday from ikea. We could of had it in around a week but we have put our delivery back to end of April as we are having building work done first. You can make an appointment online to see one of their kitchen planners which is what we did. smile

MugsLife Mon 21-Mar-16 08:05:43

Thanks that's good to know it's not too long a wait and you can pick a delivery date!

Good luck with your kicthen. What are you going for? We are going to just get the cabinets, dishwasher and sink from ikea, worktop and appliances from elsewhere.

traceyed1 Mon 21-Mar-16 08:09:58

We are having the grey gloss Ringhult doors we have got the appliances from ikea also apart from the washing machine as I wanted a bigger wash load than 7kg. We are also getting the worktops elsewhere too. Total cost for 14 units £4700

MugsLife Mon 21-Mar-16 08:17:32

We were thinking white ringhult, but decided to save a load by getting the matt white fronts haggeby doors (we might change our minds last minute in ikea!). I think it will still look pretty stlyish with a black Neff slide and glide oven and a black glass hob and black ikea sink. Going to have white greyish worktop and light grey floor so it should look pretty bright and going to accessories with shiny stainless steel, wood and bright colours. Fingers crossed it works!

MugsLife Mon 21-Mar-16 08:18:49

I reckon our total cost will be very similar plus £2000 for fitting - should be under £7k all in.

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