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adding a bathroom!

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Nicky883 Sat 19-Mar-16 16:26:04

Hi all ,
We are first time buyers and we are looking for some advce
We just had a viewing of a gorgeous property that we both loved the only proplem is that the bathroom and toilet are downstairs next to the kitchen (!) .
There is room upstairs for adding a bathroom my question is how much would that cost approximately ?
Any help would be very appreciated !

lalalonglegs Sat 19-Mar-16 16:29:18

It will all depend where the drains/soil pipe are. If you are placing the bathroom more or less above where it currently is, it shouldn't be a huge job, the further away you put it from that location, the more difficult it becomes in terms of plumbing.

wowfudge Sat 19-Mar-16 16:30:40

If you do buy this house and move the bathroom upstairs, convert the current one into a utility room.

Nicky883 Sat 19-Mar-16 16:44:27

Good idea wowfudge !
Its not above the bathroom is above the kitchen do you think thay would cost a lot ? I have attached the floor plans we would want to put the bathroom where the bedroom 3 (nursery) is

wowfudge Sat 19-Mar-16 17:50:21

A lot of the cost will depend on where the sewer runs and how complicated it is to put a soil pipe in - and of course getting the water supply put in upstairs. You might be able to tell where the sewer runs from neighbouring houses and where the soil pipes are and the location of drain covers.

Sinkingfeeling Sat 19-Mar-16 17:55:57

So any visitors would have to go through the bedroom to use the bathroom? Would you keep a toilet downstairs as well?

QuiteLikely5 Sat 19-Mar-16 17:56:22

We have done similar, thing is though the boiler was upstairs so that made it easier. Re the pipes, all the builders did was see where the big fat pipe was out the back of the house and join the new pipes into it.

To see if it's possible you will need an architect, he told us whether it was possible or not. Told us what permissions we would need and then we gave his plans to the builders when they were quoting us.

Costs vary depending where you are in the country.

My total cost was around 8kish

Nicky883 Sat 19-Mar-16 18:16:02

Thanks everyone for your answers .
Tbh this is a bit scary for us as this is our first property and we dont know anything about fixing up a property etc
Not sure if i am willing to risk it as i dont want to overspend and i dont thibk i can live without a bathroom upstairs

QuiteLikely5 Sat 19-Mar-16 18:17:33

I would never take a bedroom out though tbh that will knock value off

JillyTheDependableBoot Sat 19-Mar-16 18:50:04

By putting the bathroom where the 3rd bedroom is you would be a. Losing a bedroom, which could devalue the property, and b. Creating a really awkward layout where the only bathroom is off a bedroom, which effectively knocks out another bedroom. You could either reconfigure upstairs so there is a passageway leading to the new bathroom, or keep the downstairs bathroom as well so you have an en suite upstairs and family bathroom downstairs. I totally agree with you, having lived with one for 5 years - downstairs bathrooms are the pits.

Nicky883 Sat 19-Mar-16 19:05:23

If we did knock out the bedroom we would keep the downstairs bathroom as well .
I just can not leave woth having to go through the kitchen every morning to pee :p

seven201 Sat 19-Mar-16 19:43:50

We're moving a bathroom at the mo and have had to have a new manhole in for the soil pipe etc. I have lost track of the costs to be honest as we're having over stuff done at the same time but it will probably be about £10k, maybe bit more all in (we have posh taste in tiles though) and we're in the south east where labour is expensive.

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