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Ikea Kitchens

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traceyed1 Fri 18-Mar-16 20:02:09

We are about to order a new kitchen from ikea. We have never had a brand new kitchen before. Has anyone had an Ikea kitchen fitted recently?
Thank you

VeryPunny Fri 18-Mar-16 20:07:09

We had one fitted last year (used the Lakeside store, and the IKEA fitters). It's been absolutely fabulous. The store planners were great, really thorough, it was great value for money and the quality is amazing.

IKEA use 3rd party fitters (round here they also fit for John Lewis) and we had one or two issues with them with regards to when they were actually going to fit (they came to measure and said they would fit approx. 2 weeks from date of measurement, but then gave us a date more than 4 weeks later) but the actual blokes who turned up to do the job were excellent.

We bought our own appliances mainly, only using the IKEA dishwasher and extractor. Very pleased and would do exactly the same again.

VeryPunny Fri 18-Mar-16 20:09:12

One more thing: quite possibly the best part is the simplicity of the pricing. Whatever the online planet tool tells you it's going to cost is the price you actually pay. No extra 10% off if you sign today, no manager's specials, no wondering if your builder is taking you for a ride etc.

Palomb Fri 18-Mar-16 20:09:52

I have and I wouldn't have another one. Mines 3 years old and already the laminate is peeling off some of the drawers. The solid oak work top is wonderful and the carcasses seem really solid but the doors are really shit.

TalkinPeace Fri 18-Mar-16 21:07:56

Mine is 7 years old
i LOVE it
the counters and appliances were non ikea
but the caracass side was just the best
coat £4000
looks like £20k

tacal Fri 18-Mar-16 21:22:18

I got an ikea kitchen fitted a few weeks ago. I really like the kitchen but I had a few issues with the ikea kitchen fitters.

poppet131 Fri 18-Mar-16 22:27:09

We have in the past. Looked great and when we left our old house, still looked like new. Tip: if you're going for integrated applicances, a standard fridge freezer, double oven would fit but I would be aware of dishwashers - the doors attach differently with the new metod doors so save urself the hassle and get ur integrated dishwasher from ikea too (and probably better than the Bosch one that I have now!!)

ChishandFips33 Sat 19-Mar-16 02:11:30

Loved ours! Everybody thinks we spent crazy money and can't believe it came in at about £4000 inc dishwasher, double oven, the expensive extractor and induction hob

The drawer packs and hinges are Blum I believe

I love all the storage solutions!

Eminybob Sat 19-Mar-16 03:20:53

This is interesting, we are planning a new kitchen soon.
Do they do flooring and tiles too or would I need to get that done separately?

poppet131 Sat 19-Mar-16 20:08:44

You'll need to get your flooring separately. It's actually easier to fit your kitchen once the tiles/engineered wood is in as it will create a level surface (but some will prefer to fit flooring in afterwards to avoid damage).

Badders123 Sat 19-Mar-16 20:29:48

Yep it will be 2 years old next month!
I love it and the pyrolysis oven function is fab
I also love my induction hob
We didn't use the idea fitters as the kitchen needed rewiring and plastering so can't comment on that
We had the grytnas units and the walnut look worktop

traceyed1 Sat 19-Mar-16 20:33:15

Thanks for everyones comments! we ordered ours today! we are very excited! we have gone for the Ringhult doors in gloss grey and will have white sparkle worktops which we are getting elsewhere. This is the first new kitchen we have had.

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