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2 Bed bungalow in Wells Somerset for £295'000.00

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feellikeahugefailure Fri 18-Mar-16 13:01:52

I'm planning a move and wells is on my list, can't buy at the moment but hopefully will in a few years. Keen on a bungalow with room to extend and convert.

Just come across this

Anyone local in the area know if this is over priced for the area? It looks ok from the inside, but pretty shabby from the outside and its not an impressive cathedral view imo,

Sunnyshores Fri 18-Mar-16 16:49:56

It looks overpriced compared to other bungalows, other houses, other area in wells. I dont know that exact area to know if the area is genuinely more expensive - but it seems money has been added for being on the east side, on a no through road and a very partial view of the cathedral.

As youve got a few years Id start spending weekends down here, offpeak you can get some great deals

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