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F&b modern emulsion different colour to sample

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Scotmum83 Thu 17-Mar-16 23:02:54

After a lot of researching colours and lots of paint samples I decided to go for slipper satin in farrow and ball modern emulsion. I'm having a bit of a panic after decorator has finished about half the house that the colour looks about two shades darker than the estate emulsion tester!! I know it changes a lot in different light but side by side they look very different. Have I missed something with the modern emulsion I wouldn't have expected the different finishes to be so different in colour. Ahhhhhh think I'm going to have to live with it now! It's not horrible just not what I expected. I did try colour matching it too with Valspar and it was completely different again hence why I spent more on the f&b paint. Anyone experienced the same? Will phone f&b tomorrow to see what they say.

origamiwarrior Fri 18-Mar-16 17:15:47

I would imagine if they are noticeably different (i.e. when you paint a stripe of the tester on top of the (dried) emulsion you can photograph and see a clear difference) then F&B should give you a refund - after all, they tell you to buy a tester rather than rely on the colour chips in order to satisfy yourself that the colour works in your house)

I realise a refund though won't help with the work you've had done though so you will get used to it - with all these things, you have to say to yourself - would someone come in and say 'OMG, why has ScotMum painted her house THAT colour. Is she mad?' If the answer is no, then live with it and in time it won't bother you either. My builder has today put on window cills that have a too small overhang; I think they look mean. But I know that no one coming in to the room would notice, and in time, I won't either.

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