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which floor for kitchen diner?

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seven201 Thu 17-Mar-16 13:34:04

We've recently had the wall between our kitchen and dining room knocked down. For the living room and entrance were having engineered oak put in. Our dilemma is what to do in the kitchen diner. The problem is one day we might extend the kitchen outwards or if not just re-do the kitchen. We'd like the two rooms to be a bit more merged. I would go for the oak everywhere downstairs but we have definitely decided we don't want wood in the kitchen as we're just not good at clearing up watt straight away etc. (We had a wood floor in our previous flat). The plan was going to be to leave the current kitchen tile floor (which is ok but we don't love it) and have oak on the diner bit but I'm worried the room won't 'flow' as well and could look agree if we use one flooring surface. So... Instead we could put down a stone (e.g. Slate) in both rooms and have a big rug in the diner bit. My worry is this is a big expense and if we do later extend is it possible to get a good enough match for the new part? I definitely don't want any wood effect tiles etc. It's definitely either a stone in both rooms or oak in the diner and leave the kitchen as is (for now at least). If it makes a difference we're going to change the kitchen wall tiles and I'm going to paint the kitchen cupboards probably pale grey or off white.

Here's a real bad photo! Our table is just poking into view on the right.

ItsALuigi Thu 17-Mar-16 13:56:24

We are currently in the same position as you at the moment. I need to choose the floor and have no idea!

One thing I would say is definitely get the same floor for both kitchen and diner. In my opinion it looks too segregated and like you say doesn't flow right with different floors.

How imminent would a possible extension be? A lot of people would probably suggest something like karndean or similar. Id personally get a tile and a grayish one. My mum has like a rough grey mixed tile and she loves it shows no marks and is super easy to clean. She had a plain Brown one and hated it.

Hopefully someone else will be along soon with something more helpful, I'll be watching see if there are any ideas I can pinch too grin

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