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new build, issues, we have to move out for at least a week. any tips on how to negotiate with builder re what they'll pay for?

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sunshineandhappy Thu 17-Mar-16 10:33:44

We bought a new build almost a year ago. Complained before we completed about an issue, builders have procrastinated, stonewalled, and finally admitted their fault, and they will rectify. We will need to go into a hotel, for at least 5 days whilst they fix it. How should we go about making sure we aren't out of pocket? Is it reasonable to ask for breakfast, packed lunches and dinner. What about the cat? Laundry of clothes? Anything else we should say? What about compensation too, or is that greedy? Thanks for any advice.

lalalonglegs Thu 17-Mar-16 11:08:45

Is the house covered by a NHBC warranty? From what I have heard, the NHBC are pretty useless at sorting things out but they should have guidelines for these sorts of situations. I'd keep every receipt and be prepared to go to the small claims court as a back up measure. I'm sorry for your troubles - lots of people buy new build thinking that it will be painless but the quality of builders is so variable I've heard a lot of horror stories.

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