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Does anyone have contrasting kitchen doors and units?

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SwearyGodmother Wed 16-Mar-16 10:10:50

I've had to dismantle half my kitchen today for some work on the worktop and have realised how utterly tatty our kitchen doors really are and, by contrast how decent the cabinets are so am thinking about replacing the doors. We've been talking about redoing the kitchen for years but honestly can't face it so redoing the doors might be enough to make sure we never have to do anything major.

The cabinets are a light wood colour - birch at a guess (they predate me) - and I think it might be a real faff to match to them exactly and having something that doesn't quite match would really annoy me. I wonder whether having a contrast - a grey or a white - might look smart in the wooden frames, or whether it would look terrible. We have a black granite worktop and are open plan if that makes any difference.

I've spent half the morning on pinterest so far today and haven't found a single example, though I'm sure that they must exist.

Does anyone have one or opinions on such things?

fussychica Wed 16-Mar-16 15:17:49

Not quite the same but my floor cupboards and those surrounding the fridge/freezer are grey and wall cupboards are white. All matt handleless. Worktop grey/white marble. Very small kitchen which looks miles bigger following the redo. I love it.

I think a proper colour like red or green might work better with a birch. However, if you dont have much carcass visable you could just cover it over or paint it to natch your new doors.

OurBlanche Wed 16-Mar-16 15:23:18

I have just checked in a posh flat where the carcasses were light oak, had bright colours (sky blue, bright green, acid yellow) at the edge of every shelf and the doors were a flat, shiny mid-pale grey.

Sounds very odd but looked very, very posh.

OurBlanche Wed 16-Mar-16 15:24:50

Oh, the rent for that 2 bed flat was just short of £1K in an area where £700 is the norm. So it would seem to be 'a thing' smile

SwearyGodmother Thu 17-Mar-16 12:50:27

Thank you.

I've ordered some colour swatches to compare to the wood we have and hopefully can have a refreshed kitchen in the not too distant future. Hurrah!

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