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I need of a new cooker

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Xirix Wed 16-Mar-16 01:37:55

The oven in the place we rent has just stopped working, and unfortunately it would seem it wasn't the landlords, it was a cooker left by the previous tenants, so rather than pay £150 to try and get it fixed, we figured we'd just buy one, price range around £300.

I've been looking at some in argos and I keep running into horrifying 1 star reviews, so whats good with ovens these days?

Only requirements is electric only, 60cm wide. So would anyone know a good reliable oven for that?

wowfudge Wed 16-Mar-16 06:55:53

Is it free standing and is it a single oven of the sort that just plugs in or does it have to be wired in do you know? have reviews - they can supply quickly too.

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