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bifold doors

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kedy Tue 15-Mar-16 18:24:49

Hi everyone - bifold doors are sooo expensive but look amazing. i found an internet company (loads on ebay) that can supply but not fit. has anyone done this before? there seems to be a threefold price difference! is a lot of the cost coming from installation i wonder?

superram Tue 15-Mar-16 21:02:09

Our builder refused to fit them as if there are any problems, the company will blame the fitter and vice versa. I wouldn't risk it! We found id systems in Norwich really good, we live in London and they travelled to fit them.

kedy Sun 31-Jul-16 14:21:33

Hi, in case anyone bumped on this thread thinking to do the same thing; we actually were successful and the doors look amazing. we ordered from an online supplier; then got a window installer to do the job for us from rated Although do beware, what seems to happen is the people who come to give you quotes dont measure up properly; and the quote they send you will not have the exact measures. The window fitter said they do this to prevent people like us getting measured and buying from elsewhere smile So dont use those measures, measure yourself! The price difference was x3, and lead time difference was 2 weeks to 12 weeks (from Anglian)!

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