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Does anyone have a canalside house?

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backonthewagon Sun 13-Mar-16 18:37:15

We are considering buying this house.

My main concerns are:
1) Vermin
2) Rubbish from the canal getting into the garden somehow
3) Stagnant water smell

The towpath is the other side of the canal so security isn't an issue.

backonthewagon Sun 13-Mar-16 18:41:29

I have never known the canal to flood in that area so that's not a concern.

My other concern is that there will be a high amount of flies/midges.

lljkk Sun 13-Mar-16 18:44:05

Oh that's lovely... we lived in a canal-town & looked at several. They were DesRes even in our run-down town. I never heard of those problems from friends with canal houses.

Ragusa Sun 13-Mar-16 19:17:47

I looked at a few listings but always ruled them out owing to water hazard risk; we had small kids then.

Vermin, yes I imagine that might be an issue and I guess you'd need yo be sure the house was properly.....tanked?!? sorry not sure of correct word.

But sounds fab and romantic :D

specialsubject Sun 13-Mar-16 19:54:00

I used to live next to a small river, it was lovely with ducks/swans and so on. Seconded about the midges, check garden length. If the canal is in use and the water flowing, no problem with stagnant water. Also vermin not an issue unless you get a swan attack!

if you have small kids you will need hefty fencing.

also check flood control and canal maintenance; the Canal and Rivers Trust is short on money.

QueenElizardbeth Sun 13-Mar-16 20:48:10

You could keep ducks! And have a boat! smile

Does the canal get used by holiday boats etc? Or is it more an urban canal, shopping trolleys etc grin

BennyTheBall Sun 13-Mar-16 20:57:52

We live waterside. It's a river as opposed to a canal and it's about 200ft away from the house.

Have never even thought about flies/midges - it's not an issue. We do get rats on our birdtables (don't care, the children shoot them sometimes).

I would say it's an absolute privilege to live next to water. It's relaxing, idyllic and we get the most amazing wildlife - plus all of our dc's friends think we live in the best place ever as they get to kayak, fish and swim.

Go for it!

DoreenLethal Sun 13-Mar-16 21:05:45

We live by a canal, our garden backs onto one much like yours although our gardens are all allotment style divvied up rather than straight off the back of our house.

No vermin down by the canal, no stagnant water or stuff coming off the canal. Sometimes a boat crashes into the side and knocks the odd pot over. We get a few midges in the summer but you just have to avoid them.

Ducks do bury eggs under the soil, which stink if you stick a fork into them.

Apart from that - it's marvellous. Always wanted to live next to a canal. Love it. Only problem is that gardening can be a spectator sport sometimes with all the people on the other bank staring. Yes I am digging out dandelions, get over it!

janethegirl2 Sun 13-Mar-16 21:06:45

If the water is flowing it'll be fine and not stagnant. If you look at the environmental agency website you'll get an idea of the flooding potential, but I'd recommend a walk around the area to see what sluices etc are in place for water level control. I live next a canal and if I were flooded, the whole of the neighboring city would be under water.
Feeding the ducks, swans and other wild life is great fun. The only issue I have can see is if you have young children (for safety issues, unless they are competent swimmers) or a dog (as getting one out a canal can be a problem).

thatsthewayitgoes Wed 16-Mar-16 16:44:44

We have a little river at the bottom of our garden. We had rats last year but these were dealt with quickly and haven't reappeared. The main problem we have is home insurance. There are only 3 companies that will currently insure us - we haven't flooded ever into the house (just the garden) but because we are within 10m of water we are high flood risk.

bookishandblondish Sat 19-Mar-16 23:09:29

I was considered high flood risk despite living in a froth floor flat ( car park in basement) because it was technically less than 10m from the Thames.

I did point out to the insurance person that if my flat flooded from the Thames, they had far bigger issues to worry about as most of the City would be underwater smile

bookishandblondish Sat 19-Mar-16 23:10:07

Fourth floor flat - not froth.

MiaowTheCat Sun 20-Mar-16 19:48:53

My mum lives next to a river but her garden is so sloped the house is very very elevated and there's in reality minimal to no flood risk of anything more than the bottom of the driveway getting flooded.

Major issues she has had:
Anglers - takes a bloody age to get along to hers because you have to wait for every fisherman to move his rod and tripoddy thing and then the next one and the next one. At one point in the winter she made the mistake of giving a few freezing looking ones a cuppa and then ended up with bloody tonnes of them outside her garden gate as a place to pitch up.

Anti-social behaviour (quite a shitty area in general) - summer holidays in particular - the odd rubbish fire and fly tippers going on. The odd idiot dog walker letting their dogs wander into the garden off the riverside path - and invariably being chased away by our psycho cat who thought she was Rambo

Dogging - fairly sure this is going on a little bit futher on the track from where she lives - lots of cars park up with very steamy windows and people mooching around. Actually causes us no problems in reality and just bemuses us more than anything else!

No real problems with flies, smell (and the houses discharge into the river - currently in the process of being changed) or vermin really. We do have to be scrupulous about garden security and locking gates when my kids are there though.

I'm also down by our local canal daily as the kids are at nursery in a building next to it - not seen any of the things you're worried about down there either. I'd love one of the lockside houses with huge gardens further down the canal from there for my dream home.

CheeseBadger Mon 21-Mar-16 00:06:32

We're next to a stream. It's great having the water and the ducks there. The neighbours tell dark tales about the footpath between our house and the stream flooding in the late 1970s. There's been lots of downstream flood relief work done since then, and no realistic chance of it ever flooding again. We still find insurance problematic though. We're in a fairly urban area, and the Environment Agency flood risk maps lack the resolution to tell us the insurance company whether it's the barbecue or the front room that's at risk. So I guess that's the main thing you should have a look at.

Default location - this is not where we live.

CheeseBadger Mon 21-Mar-16 00:11:07

Oh - just noticed you already did the flooding homework. Main problem we then have is that people like to feed the ducks. And therefore the squirrels. As long as you're not right by a park full of people who are keen on leaving food out for the local vermin you should be fine. wink

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