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Mixing modern and rustic in a kitchen?

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fancyacoffee Sun 13-Mar-16 17:35:38

Designing a new kitchen currently and struggling with style. Appreciate all and any thoughts from you all! I'm trying to avoid a full on shaker/old style kitchen and also not be too high gloss/modern either. Am I crazy to try and achieve a mixed look - is handleless shiny units with a butchers sink and wooden shelving. Will that just look miss matched and odd??

diamonte68 Mon 14-Mar-16 08:48:07

We recently had our kitchen re done and went for a mix of modern and traditional but may be too traditional for you. We have solid wood shaker units and wooden worktops but put leather and chrome handles plus modern chrome taps and an ultra modern extractor fan over the range. It works for me and I love it. Was really worried about the worktops but have used osmo and after 4 months heavy use not a single mark or stain.

lisbapalea Mon 14-Mar-16 10:56:50

fancyacoffee I have been thinking exactly the same as we're renovating our cottage kitchen. I really wanted to go for handle-less matt white units with other traditional features, like belfast sink, solid wood work tops etc. I think handle-less gloss units are a very modern statement so they might be a step too far wit other traditional features, but I think handle-less matt units could work. Could that be an option? Or maybe I am just playing safe - have you checked out pinterest for modern / traditional kitchen ideas?

We've ended up going for shaker-style units, but they're v plain and in a light greigey/olive colour, and no units at eye level, just some shelving for regularly used stuff (that won't gather dust!), with solid wood work surfaces apart from the island which will be pale coloured granite / marble. Not particularly modern in the end but that's more because I couldn't convince dh! I still think it's good to mix the two.

fancyacoffee Mon 14-Mar-16 14:03:56

Thanks for your thoughts here! I've been in Pinterest to see how ''glossy with butchers sink'' looks, but not finding anything which makes me think it's a no no and will look terrible. i like your idea of going matt just to tone down the modern a little, i'll look into that. Thanks again guys, xx

RaisingSteam Mon 14-Mar-16 22:22:54

If you google "contemporary country kitchen" you get some interesting results, clean lines but natural materials and mixture of items rather than all "sleek" and matchy matchy.

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