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Roof purlin problems help

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lostinlego Fri 11-Mar-16 19:47:21

Hi we have had a structural engineers report done on a house anything has come up with reference to the roof:
The corbelled brickwork supporting the purlins needs to be repaired and it should
be ensured that supporting stays/props to purlins are adequately supported off the
loading bearing structure like beams or first floor walls below.
4.9 The left hand purlin where cut between two stays/props leaves both side purlins
cantilevered over the supports. We suggest either providing new supports to the
cantilevered end of each purlin or install and bolt a new appropriately sized purlin
alongside the existing purlin.

Does anyone know how serious (expensive) this is and who I need to quote on it (is it a roofer, or builder, or joiner?)

PixieGio Sat 12-Mar-16 08:58:24

We had a similar thing. Cost £550 but no brickwork was required. Our builder did it - took him half a day.

pumpkin93 Sat 12-Mar-16 12:31:32

Hi lego. we bought an old house and had a structural survey done which suggested the roof needed more purlins.I didn't know what they were at first. we had a builder look at it who told us we would be wasting our money. the house had been standing for over a hundred years without problems. surveyors have to cover themselves so they pick up everything.
I would suggest you get a couple of trusted builders to look at it and ask them if it is worthwhile undertaking the work and costs. then look up on Google and youtube to see how it's done. it's amazing what information you find. it's actually quite straightforward and if have a good do it yourself family member you could save yourself a fair bit of money. take a picture of your bricks and send it out on house building websites. lots of people with knowledge out there who will give free advice.

JT05 Sat 12-Mar-16 13:17:57

DS had something similar on his 1926 house. DH who is a very knowledgeable DIYer braced the purlin himself. But as Pumkin said the house had been standing all that time and is still there!

PigletJohn Sat 12-Mar-16 15:05:45

the words suggest that one of the purlins as been cut, so it has not been standing like that since it was built a hundred years ago. Also that the supporting brickwork has deteriorated and needs repair, so you should not assume that it will last another hundred years if not repaired.

Purlins stop the roof from sagging. They are never put up as ornaments, they are structural members. Sometimes people cut through structural parts of your house in ignorance, perhaps to add a roof window.

If you can find a roofer or carpenter who actually builds roofs (not just a tiler) he is likely to be familiar with the construction process and sizes needed, and will be pleased that he can work under cover out of the rain and cold wind. A general builder might or might not be skilled at roof construction.

If it is an older house that was originally constructed with slates, and has been, or will be, re-roofed with tiles that are much heavier, the roof construction may be rather frail and overloaded.

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