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Help. Need to redecorate 3 bathrooms

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doublehelpings Fri 11-Mar-16 06:38:00


Just that really. Can anyone recommend suppliers?

I have brouchures for Heritage, Imperial and Burlington sanitary wear which are my preferred although have duravit, porcelanosa, saneux ones as well.

Is there anyone else you can recommend who does traditional style other than the first 3 I mentioned who are the same price point or cheaper but isn't high street?

Also any websites for inspiration other than pinterest which is good but lots of U.S pics, Houzz which is good but lots of high end bathrooms and not much of a range and housetohome which wasn't as inspiring when I looked this morning.

Would love any help or tips thanks.

catwithflowers Fri 11-Mar-16 06:53:19

Not an alternative but we have two bathrooms fitted with Burlington sanitary ware and are very happy with the look and quality of the products. Not cheap but very nice smile

doublehelpings Fri 11-Mar-16 10:36:40

Thanks catwithflowers I love their stuff and that's good to know. Did you buy from Burlington themselves or I've seen a few companies online selling their stuff. Do you mind me asking how much your 2 bathrooms cost to do? Trying to get some sort of budget in mind. Thanks so much!!

catwithflowers Fri 11-Mar-16 11:17:28

Hmm. We had a bit of a nightmare and sacked the plumber half way through and waited months for another one!! I think we must have spent about £12,000 on them both but that included v expensive tiles in the larger one which is the size of a double bedroom. It may even have been a little more expensive 😳😳

We ordered the sanitary ware via the plumber the first time but second time from a local supplier who passed on a good discount to us. It's beautiful stuff. Good luck with the bathrooms smile

doublehelpings Fri 11-Mar-16 13:35:57

Thanks catwithflowers , sorry to hear it was a bit of a nightmare though. Thanks for the good luck wishes, I think I need to get myself a shed load of wine as well.

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