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Does this plumbing quote sound reasonable?

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LemonShizzleCake Fri 11-Mar-16 00:52:33

DH and I are pretty new to the home ownership gig, and need to get some plumbing done - no idea what a reasonable quote looks like, so posting for advice.

We need a leaking valve replaced on a radiator in our hallway. Plumber has looked at it and said the system needs to be drained so it can be replaced (already tried a quick fix with plumbing tape, to no avail). We also mentioned that we'd like to replace our rusting bathroom radiator with a heated towel rail - plumber pointed out it would make sense to do both jobs at the same time rather than us paying them to drain the system twice - seems sensible.

They have quoted £120 to drain the system, remove the rusty radiator and fit a towel rail (supplied by us, at additional cost), plus £60 (their standard hourly rate) to replace the leaky valve while they're here, and then refill the system. So £180 total, plus towel rail which is looking like about £60-80 from Screwfix.

Does this sound reasonable? Should we shop around? Plumber comes recommended by neighbours etc. We're in south London, if that bears any relevance. Any advice/experience gratefully received!

HollyMaingate Fri 11-Mar-16 06:28:18

Sounds reasonable to me. The "famous" London plumber charged me about 140 an hour last time - plus VAT!

HollyMaingate Fri 11-Mar-16 06:30:24

By the way - by reasonable I mean for a London plumber-not in the real world for what actually needs doing as its very straightforward but most people don't want to touch plumbing diy

LemonShizzleCake Sun 13-Mar-16 18:15:06

Thanks Holly! I know that, even though it's "reasonable", it's probably still a crazy amount based on the actual work that needs to be done...DH and I are reasonably practical and do most things ourselves (decorating, some pretty major gardening work, minor plumbing/electrics etc) but heating systems are a whole different language as far as we're concerned! Would rather pay someone the cash from the outset rather than end up spending more to get things fixed when we inevitably c*ck them up... grin

Thanks again!

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