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Why does selling/buying property have to be so frickin stressful. IT'S 2016 FFS!

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FrazzleRock Thu 10-Mar-16 12:49:29

I feel like we're being royally shat on day by day....

- DP gets labyrinthitis which he's had since August last year
- (Good news) We discover we are expecting a baby. YIPPEE!
- Get flats on the market and look for a big house we can all live in together with my children
- (Good news) We find the house of our dreams - trying not to fall in love with it, but kind of have (I know, I know)
- (Good news) DP's flat is sold at 16K over asking price!
- We have to cancel our holiday because ex-h won't commit to looking after the children
- We suffer a missed miscarriage (3 weeks ago) Devastated doesn't even come close
- In the same week as the MMC, we discover I have a default on my credit report caused by my ex-h. Declined mortgage by Natwest.
- (Good news) We get the default removed after my poor DP spends almost 2 hours on the phone to the debt collectors listed on my report refusing to back down until they remove it. Credit reports now perfect.
- (Good news) I accept an offer on my flat at asking price
- Natwest still refuse us, as their own records have not updated and they refuse to go by any other record. Can I just add we have been customers since we were both young children - loyalty clearly counts for nothing.
- Our broker tries another lender, which we think is looking good
- DP gets the most awful flu and is bed ridden for a week
- During this time, we discover DP's buyer's lenders refuse to give him the full amount for the flat as they think the place is not worth what he wants to pay. They have offered the buyer 9k less. 9 FUCKING GRAND! Bearing in mind the surveyor was at DP's property for no more than 5 minutes and there are flats of the same size being sold in the area for more. It makes no fucking sense.

What's going to be next? We really need a break sad

JT05 Thu 10-Mar-16 13:11:01

Sorry to hear about your sad newsflowers. Yes it is stressful and the whole process need to be overhauled to protect buyers and sellers.

Sometimes it can help to write down the possible scenarios. What would happen if you put the undervalued flat back on the market? Different lenders will use different valuers.

It is a roller coaster and you will have to psych yourself into a frame of mind that helps you focus on the end product, which will happen eventually. I know it's hard, we're in limbo waiting for exchange 12 weeks into sell, 9 months on the market and one complete waste of 2 months with a useless buyer.

Vent away on this thread. It helps, especially to know others are suffering as well! Good luck, I hope the day/ week gets better.

FrazzleRock Thu 10-Mar-16 13:31:21

Thanks JT05. I think we might have been slightly over ambitious as our vendors need to move out in May and we only started the ball rolling when we found out we were expecting back in January.

So everything seems ultra stressful as, apart from the stress of the MMC, things need to move so quickly. Selling two flats, one is also currently having a lease extension which will complete at the time of sale, and buying a house seems impossible in only 4 months. You'd think with the age of the internet and email, these things wouldn't take so long.

I think we need to be realsitic that we will most probably lose our dream house. But we need to begin putting down payments for legal fees and admin fees, I'm worried we'll lose all this money as we'll probably have to pay it all again if we lose the house.

We just wanted to do this before the baby came and before my 10 year old starts secondary school. Seemed do-able back in January. But we hadn't envisaged such turmoil!

specialsubject Thu 10-Mar-16 17:09:08

sorry for your personal sad news.

most of this is due to big clampdown on mortgages, and yes - customer loyalty is now for suckers. You should switch suppliers and bank accounts regularly to get the best deals and incentives.

as and when it all ends -and it will - take your custom from Natwest and go somewhere that pays incentives.

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